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China’s economy has stepped into the stage of taking off. As the leader in the energy industry, coal mines are developing rapidly. However, with the expansion of production, the depth and intensity of mining continue to increase, resulting in the increasingly complex geological situation of coal mining. Many coal mines have faults, folds and so on. In this case, the mining technology of coal mines is required.
    Coal mining has always been a key and difficult issue discussed in the mining industry of our country. The technology and construction technology of coal mining have naturally become a hot topic in all walks of life, especially in the same industry. In this book, the author discusses the problems of coal mine driving technology and coal mine driving support technology applied in the process of coal mine mining construction, and puts forward the discussion points. Here, it is suggested that the practitioners or researchers in the same industry take this book as a reference and reading article, and at the same time, they hope to put forward suggestions for improvement.

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ISBN: 978-981-17-0564-9 Date of Publication: 2020

Since the Reform and Opening up, the social economy has developed rapidly. However, the economic development is at the expense of the environment. In order to ensure the sustainable development and the harmony between human and nature, it is necessary to develop modern green buildings. The engineering cost plays a very important
role in the construction engineering. The purpose of the enterprise is to make profits. Only by improving the profitability of the enterprise can more benefits be created for the society. The engineering cost is the basic measure to judge the profitability of the project. Through the engineering cost, the ability to judge the construction cost and benefit can be strengthened.
    This paper explains the green building construction technology and project cost from several aspects: including the introduction of green building materials and green construction technology to analyze the important influence of green building on people’s production and life; including the application of new technology and materials of earthwork, reinforced concrete and waterproof engineering in green building to analyze the necessity of engineering cost in green building. Although green building technology is still a new technology, is a comprehensive, systematic technology, but green building technology has  very fresh vitality, countries around the world are actively exploring it. It involves a wide range and content, and requires the cooperation and joint research of all fields and departments.

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ISBN: 978-981-17-0563-2 Date of Publication: 2020

In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s urbanization and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s life style and residential demand have gradually developed from “quantity” to “quality”, and the construction of urban communities is moving towards diversified and compound development. Under the background of large-scale commercial housing development and construction, the closed community mode and spatial organization are the main existing forms of residential community in China in the past decades. With the change of time, the closed community model and spatial organization exposed many problems, such as the fragmentation of urban space, and the exclusion of community and urban space, which destroyed the coherence of urban traffic grid, and its barrier to urban roads is also one of the important factors causing serious urban traffic congestion in China. In the process of urban road construction which ignores the road density, the uncontrolled increase of road scale leads to wide road becoming the typical configuration of urban traffic in China, which makes traffic congestion, the disappearance of street life, and the plunder of public resources, which greatly inhibits the sustainable development of the city.
    This book is divided into eight chapters, from different angles and content of the open community space construction process were analyzed and elaborated in detail, found the open community promotion and construction process of various problems, and put forward the corresponding suggestions, measures and methods.

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近年来,随着我国城市化的高速发展和人们生活水平的不断提高,人们对生活方式和居住需求已逐渐从“量”向“质”的方向发展,城市社区建设正朝向多元化、复合化发展。 在大规模商品住宅开发建设背景下所形成的封闭社区模式和空间组织,是我国过去几十年居住社区的主要存在形式。随着时间的变迁,封闭社区模式和空间组织暴露出众多的问题,如城市空间碎片化、以及社区与城市空间的相排斥等,破坏了城市交通网格的连贯性,其对城市道路的阻隔也是造成中国城市严重交通拥堵的重要因素之一。在忽略了道路密度的城市道路建设过程中,道路尺度无节制的增加导致宽马路成为中国城市交通的典型配置,使得交通拥堵,街道生活消失,公共资源被掠夺,极大的抑制了城市的可持续发展,这些问题引发了社会的广泛关注和重视。

ISBN: 978-981-17-0561-8 Date of Publication: 2020

As a special commodity, construction engineering enters into the construction market for trading, thus standardizing the code of conduct of all parties, making clear the responsibilities, implementing to people, ensuring the quality, progress, price dispatch and safety of the project, and meeting the requirements of the development law of the
construction market. The construction project cost, bidding activities are the contract process formed by using the law of value and competition mechanism of market economy. They are also powerful measures to ensure that the project construction can achieve the expected purpose and standardize the bidding activities in the form of law. Within the scope permitted by laws and regulations, the standardized management of market transactions, bidding activities independently refers to the competition in accordance with the procedures allowed by laws and regulations, through the principles of fairness, justice and openness, in order to achieve the best results. or the construction of any project, the main body of its behavior involves many aspects, such as the government construction management department, financial and insurance institutions, construction units, survey design units, construction units, supervision units, materials and equipment suppliers, etc. It involves many aspects, such as project cost and bidding. This book mainly studies from two aspects of construction cost and bidding management, aiming to make the whole process of construction project complete smoothly according to the established plan.

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建筑工程作为特殊的商品进入建筑市场进行交易,从而规范了各方的行为准则,责任明确,落实到人,使工程质量、进度、遣价及安全等方面得到保证,符合建筑市场发展规律之需求。建设工程的造价、招标与投标活动是利用市场经济的价值规律和竞争机制形成的合同过程, 也是保证工程建设能达到预期目的的有力措施,以法律的形式规范招标投标活动。在法律和法规允许的范围内,自主进行的市场交易行为,招标与投标活动的规范化管理是指必须按照法律法规允许的程序进行,通过公平、公正、公开的原则进行竞争,以取得最佳的效果。任何一项工程的建设,其行为主体无不涉及许多方面,诸如政府建设管理部门,金融保险机构、建设单位、拗察设计单位、施工单位、监理单位、材料及设备供应单位等;其所涉及到的工程造价、招标与投标也是涉及诸多方面。本书主要是从建筑工程造价以及招投标管理两个方面来进行研究, 旨在让整个建筑工程建设全过程能够按照既定规划顺利完成。

ISBN: 978-981-17-0560-1 Date of Publication: 2020

The main content of this book is to enable the readers to master the professional knowledge required for their professional posts, have the professional ability to apply knowledge to solve problems, and have the relevant professional ability quality. At the same time of teaching professional subject knowledge, it can guide the reader to complete the learning task, so as to realize the mastery of professional subject knowledge, train the reader to have the preliminary design ability of building water supply and drainage engineering, be able to read the design description of water supply and drainage construction drawing, and be able to read and draw the construction drawing of water supply and drainage engineering.
    In the process of compiling the book, we have updated the learning content through the development project, added training materials, and constructed a new book system, fully reflecting its advanced nature, innovation and applicability, reflecting the latest technology and research results at home and abroad, and highlighting the characteristics of readers’ self-learning. Through the study of this book, readers can master the basic knowledge of building water supply and drainage engineering, and have a certain ability of building water supply and drainage engineering design and construction.
    Due to the limited level of editors, there are inevitably mistakes and shortcomings in the book. We sincerely hope that experts, scholars and readers can criticize and correct them.

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ISBN: 978-981-17-0559-5 Date of Publication: 2020