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This book is a relatively systematic and comprehensive English course and teaching theory textbook or compilation compiled according to the concept of Curriculum Standard for Teacher Education (Trial). The features of this book are as follows: The first one is the combination of the concept and spirit of Curriculum Standard for Teacher Education (Trial) and English Curriculum Standard (Revised Version); second, it not only reflects the latest development results of the English discipline and its related disciplines, but also devotes itself to combing and presenting the traditional discipline theory; third, it combines the practicality and theory, especially reveals the law of education and teaching of English course as a practical subject, and provide a large number of practical cases for
users to refer to.
    This book can be divided into two parts from the content, the first part is mainly about theoretical knowledge, including language and language teaching concept, modern language teaching concept, mother tongue and second language acquisition concept, etc. The second part is mainly about practice. This book analyzes and studies modern English teaching methods and curriculum development methods. Consciousness plays a very important role in guiding behavior. Therefore, establishing a scientific concept of English teaching can play a positive role in promoting the follow-up teaching behavior and lay a solid foundation for the cultivation of high-quality talents. At the same time, all theories and concepts need to be put into practice, and their connotations need to be gradually implemented from practice. The idea of this book is to combine theory with practice, “two hands grasp, two hands hard”. This book strives to provide effective reference for modern English teaching.

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       本书从内容上可分为两大部分,其中,第一部分主要为理论知识篇,包含语言与语言教学观念、现代语言教学观、母语及二语习得观等;第二部分主要为实践篇,针对现代英语教学方式与课程开展方式展开分析与研究。意识对行为具有非常重要的指导作用,因此,树立科学的英语教学观念,能够对后续的教学行为产生积极的推动作用,可为高素质人才的培养打下坚实基础;同时所有理论和观念都需要付诸实践, 从实践中逐步落实其中内涵。 本书撰写的理念便是将理论与实际相结合, “两手抓,两手硬”,力求为现代英语课程教学提供有效的参考。

ISBN: 978-981-49-5700-7 Date of Publication: 2020

Library informatization refers to the use of modern information technology, in accordance with the requirements of the information society, the organization,development and management of library information resources, to provide quality information services for library users. Specifically speaking, it is the digitalization of information storage, the networking of transmission means, the intellectualization of management and control, and the informatization of personnel quality. The public library is an important place for the permanent preservation of human cultural heritage. It is also a knowledge palace for citizens to study for life, popularize scientific and cultural knowledge, and improve citizens’ quality. But at present, most of the grass-roots public libraries are still based on the traditional service methods and service means. Its various limitations and backwardness, in the highly developed information today, are far from meeting the urgent needs of people for information knowledge, which requires us to increase the strength of the grass-roots public library information construction. The informatization construction of grass-roots public library is the need of accelerating the network of public library, realizing resource sharing, deepening information service and further promoting the development of public library. Applying computer technology and network technology to the library will improve the work of the library as a whole, provide more advanced services for the readers at the grass-roots level, and greatly promote the improvement of the public quality. At the same time, with the continuous increase of the national investment in cultural undertakings and the full implementation of the national cultural information resource sharing project, it provides a strong impetus for the traditional public library to move forward to the digital library. Therefore, the information construction is imperative no matter from the construction of the public cultural service system or the development needs of the grass-roots public library itself.
    This book mainly starts from the basic concept of the library, through the characteristics of the library, the development and application of management, as well as the combination of informatization and library management, and continuously strengthens the innovative research on library management informatization, so as to better improve the efficiency of the whole library management and provide better services for readers.

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ISBN: 978-981-17-0579-3 Date of Publication: 2020

In recent years, with the development of national economy, the scale and difficulty of construction projects are increasing, and the research of hydrogeology and geotechnical engineering is facing new development and challenges. The earth’s crust, surface of the earth, is not only the place where human beings live, but also the geological environment of all kinds of engineering buildings. The construction of highways, railway underpasses, reservoirs, bridges and culverts, civil buildings and other engineering activities are closely related to the engineering geological and hydrogeological conditions. All kinds of geological and hydrological environment and engineering buildings must be interrelated and restricted by each other. It is of great significance to study the engineering geological and hydrogeological conditions of buildings in every stage of design, construction and use. Human engineering activities and natural geological processes will change the geological environment and affect the change of engineering geological conditions. When the engineering geological conditions can not meet the stability and safety requirements of engineering buildings, that is, there is a contradiction between the engineering geological conditions and the requirements of engineering buildings, it is called the existence of engineering geological problems. Solving engineering geological problems is also the main content of geotechnical engineering construction.
    The in-depth study of hydrogeology is an important link to ensure the smooth construction of the whole geotechnical engineering, which is of great significance. We should not only consider the relationship between rock and soil and water quality, but also budget and propose the corresponding prognosis and treatment plan to ensure the effective reduction of hydrogeological impact on geotechnical engineering. Due to the limited experience of the editor, there are inevitably some shortcomings and even mistakes in the book, so we sincerely ask the readers to criticize and correct them.

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近年来,随着国民经济的发展,建设工程的规模和难度都在加大,水文地质和岩土工程研究迎来了新的发展和挑战。 地球表层、 地壳是人类赖以生存的活动场所,也是各类工程建筑的地质环境。修建公路、铁路地下通道、水库、桥涵和民用建筑等工程活动,都与工程地质和水文地质条件密切相关。各种地质和水文环境与工程建筑物之间必然相互关联和制约, 研究建筑物的工程地质和水文地质条件, 对设计、施工和使用等各个阶段都具有重要的意义。人类的工程活动和自然地质作用会改变地质环境,影响工程地质条件的变化。当工程地质条件不能满足工程建筑的稳定、安全要求时,也就是工程地质条件和工程建筑要求之间存在矛盾时,就称为存在工程地质问题。解决工程地质问题也是岩土工程施工的主要内容。
       对水文地质进行深入的研究是保障整个岩土工程顺利施工的重要环节,具有十分重要的意义,我们在对其进行勘测时,不仅要考虑岩土与水质之间的关系,还应预算并提出相应的预后及处理方案, 以保证有效的减少水文地质对岩土工程的影响。由于编者经验有限,书中难免存在一些缺点甚至错误,恳请读者批评指正。

ISBN: 978-981-17-0577-9 Date of Publication: 2020

With the vigorous development of water conservancy and hydropower in China, theconstruction of many water conservancy and hydropower projects, the continuous progress of water conservancy and hydropower technology, the continuous acceleration of equipment renovation and the continuous improvement of construction technology level, the quality and safety of water conservancy and hydropower projects are increasingly concerned by the state and society. It has been paid more and more attention to strengthen the quality control and inspection of water conservancy and hydropower projects and further improve the quality management level of water conservancy and hydropower projects. The quality inspection of water conservancy and hydropower projects is an important measure to ensure the quality and safety of projects, and an important link in the process of project construction and operation. The professional ethics and professional quality of the quality inspectors of water conservancy and hydropower projects are the preconditions to ensure the scientific and fair quality inspection.
     Water conservancy and hydropower projects usually have the characteristics of long construction period, large investment scale, complex engineering technology, many uncertain factors in construction and difficult construction quality control. Facing the new round of rapid development of water conservancy and hydropower projects, the quality management personnel of water conservancy and hydropower projects should have solid quality management theory and higher quality management ability. Therefore, the research on quality inspection and control of water conservancy and hydropower projects has become the current theme. Only by better grasping the quality of the project, can the water conservancy and hydropower projects play its maximum effect, and then promote the economic and social development of our country.

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       水利水电工程通常具有建设周期长、投资规模大、工程技术复杂、施工中不确定性因素多、施工质量控制难度较大等特点, 面对水利水电工程新一轮的快速发展,水利水电工程质量管理人员应具备扎实的质量管理理论和更高的质量管理能力。 所以对水利水电工程的质量检测和控制研究就成为当下的主题, 只有更好地把握工程项目的质量,才能使水利水电工程发挥其最大的成效,进而促进我国的经济社会发展。

ISBN: 978-981-17-0576-2 Date of Publication: 2020

In today’s social development process, water conservancy and hydropower project is still a very important part, its role is very prominent, such as to meet agricultural irrigation, power generation, flood control, etc. In order to improve the use and effectiveness of water conservancy projects, it is necessary to do a good job in the foundation construction of water conservancy and hydropower projects. Through the analysis of the actual implementation of the previous water conservancy and hydropower projects, it is determined that the construction of the foundation part is prone to some problems, resulting in the foundation part of the robustness, stability is not high, resulting in the whole project stability, robustness and durability is deeply affected. In this regard, we should attach great importance to the basic part of water conservancy and hydropower projects, scientifically and reasonably use the construction technology of foundation treatment, and do a good job in the design and construction of the basic part, so as to lay the foundation for the real improvement of the construction quality of engineering foundation. From this point of view, the effective application of foundation treatment construction technology of water conservancy and hydropower engineering has higher practical significance.
    Therefore, this book studies the basic knowledge, construction technology and existing status of water conservancy and hydropower projects in China from the content of ten chapters, and proposes solutions, hoping to contribute to the development and progress of water conservancy projects in China.

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ISBN: 978-981-17-0575-5 Date of Publication: 2020