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The 21st century is an era of competition and challenge. It is an industrial revolution led by high technology. Geotechnical engineering testing technology is bound to be reborn in this revolution. However, every revolutionary advancement in technology is accompanied by contradictions and conflicts. In particular, institutional issues are the interaction of productivity and production relations. For coordination and application, reform becomes inevitable. Today, people are increasingly demanding buildings, and science and technology are advancing rapidly. In order to improve the living standards, various civil engineering projects have also emerged. Compared with civil engineering in the past, modern civil engineering has made great progress in all aspects. Geotechnical testing and testing techniques have a very important role in all types of engineering. Geotechnical engineering testing technology is not only important in the practice of geotechnical engineering construction, but also plays a decisive role in the formation and development of geotechnical engineering theory. Detection technology is also an important means to ensure the rational design of geotechnical engineering and to ensure the quality of construction.

Based on an overview of geotechnical engineering, this book will briefly analyze soil in situ testing, pile foundation, slope engineering, foundation pit engineering, underground cavern surrounding rock and support system, geological radar detection technology and tunnel geological engineering.




ISBN: 978-981-14-2801-2 Date of Publication: 2019

Personnel archives management is an important work in the management of modern institutions and enterprises. It is a direct reflection of an employee's work experience, work attitude and work ability. The quality of personnel archives management in an enterprise is directly related to the development of employees and the construction and development of the enterprise. With the progress of society and the development of science and technology, personnel archives management also presents new changes. It has the great impact on informatization. Therefore, in the new situation, personnel archives management must also be informatized. In the 21st century, informatization and digitization have become the main trend of the society. Many industries in the society have implemented information management, which has brought great convenience to their development, including personnel archives management. The information construction of personnel archives management is to use computer technology to convert paper files into electronic files and finally realize the sharing of personnel archives information resources online. Therefore, in the current development and construction of science and technology, the information construction of personnel files has become an inevitable trend. Based on information construction, personnel archives management can keep pace with the times.

This book is divided into six chapters, which respectively elaborates the basic contents of personnel archives management and information construction, analyzes the existing problems at the current stage, and proposes corresponding solutions.




ISBN: 978-981-14-2800-5 Date of Publication: 2019

In modern history, the progress of information technology has a great impact on education. On the one hand, traditional education is facing severe challenges; on the other hand, it also creates good opportunities for the further development of education. With the arrival of the information age, countries all over the world have paid unprecedented attention to the application of information technology in education. The rapid development of technology has made it possible to achieve the previously unattainable means or more ideal teaching methods. However, the reality is not as optimistic as people think. This is because many teachers in classroom teaching cannot effectively use this new technology means and methods to achieve efficient classroom teaching. The reasons are quite complicated, but the main reason is that information technology and classroom teaching fail to form an organic whole. Therefore, to change this situation, some necessary measures must be taken to make information technology play an important role in classroom teaching. However, to make better use of computer teaching, network security must be guaranteed.

This book gives a brief overview of the computer system, introduces modern educational technology and computer aided teaching, and expounds the security management of the network.




ISBN: 978-981-14-2797-8 Date of Publication: 2019

China is a big country producing fruit and vegetable, and its output ranks first in the world. The fruit and vegetable processing industry has become an important part of the scale of fruit and vegetable planting. With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, people are paying more and more attention to food nutrition and their health. Fruit and vegetable juice beverages are rich in carbohydrate, amino acid, vitamins and mineral substance and other nutrients that are easily absorbed by the body, which can meet people's daily physiological need. Similarly, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, the freezing and refrigeration technology of food is getting more and more popular. The low-cost, long-term and high-quality preservation of food can be achieved by freezing and refrigerating food, which is the most commonly used method of food storage. By inhibiting the activities of microorganisms and enzymes and reducing the activity of food substrates, food spoilage can be prevented and the freshness and nutritional value of food can be maintained. At present, most places of freezing and refrigerating food in the market are large-scale refrigerators and freezers; and most households are generally refrigerators. The efficient and high-quality connection between the market and users depends on the construction of the refrigeration chain.

Through a brief introduction, this book will discuss the postharvest physiology, harvesting and commercial processing of fruit and vegetable products, fruit and vegetable storage, canned fruit and vegetable, quick-frozen fruit and vegetable, fruit and vegetable juice-making, fruit and vegetable sugar-making, fruit and vegetable pickling, fruit wine brewing, fresh-cut fruits and vegetable processing, and comprehensive utilization of raw fruit and vegetable.




ISBN: 978-981-14-2792-3 Date of Publication: 2019

With the improvement of people's living standards and the strengthening of self-health protection awareness, the requirements for the detection of textile products have been further improved. Therefore, we need to adapt to the development trend of the times, constantly innovate and develop new testing technologies, and strive to make the produced textiles meet the internationally accepted testing standards, so that China's textiles can truly achieve barrier-free exports and become a real textile exports power, and thus improve our comprehensive economic strength.

This book briefly introduces the status quo and development of textile materials, textile industry development and new materials application, the present situation and development of China's textile testing technology; and then systematically elaborates and studies six chapters, including the recognition and identification of textile materials, textile material performance testing, textile fiber material testing, yarn and its quality testing, textile quality testing and detection of harmful substances in ecological textiles. It is a practical and useful textile industry reference book.




ISBN: 978-981-14-2791-6 Date of Publication: 2019