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Highway engineering is one of the most important parts of China’s economic development. It is not only related to China’s economic development, but also closely related to the improvement of people’s living standards. How to build a highway project that meets people’s production and life development through reasonable design and construction within limited resources is one of the research directions that all highway construction enterprises should pay attention to.
This book adheres to the scientific development concept that combines theory and practice, and based on the two parts of highway engineering and highway project project management, analyzes the problems and status in the entire process of highway engineering planning and design, highway construction and construction, and highway project management. It also gives feasibility suggestions in response to these problems, with a view to providing a practical textbook and reference book for the majority of road traffic practitioners in China, to make a small contribution to the sustainable construction of China’s highway engineering construction.
Because this book contains a lot of content and is relatively cumbersome, the format, depth, and breadth of each chapter’s content may be inconsistent, and errors are unavoidable. Readers can criticize and correct them.

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ISBN: 978-981-14-5875-0 Date of Publication: 2020

China is a large agricultural country. In the total agricultural output value, the percentage of animal husbandry has been more than 30. China's total meat production has accounted for 26% of the world's total meat production, and the per capita occupied meat and egg production are both higher than the world average. China has become a big animal husbandry country in the world. Animal husbandry has not only made an important contribution to improving and enriching the material life of our people, but also become an important source of national economic income. It also provides important raw materials for light industry, pharmaceutical industry and foreign trade export. Animal husbandry plays a very important role in the national economy.

      With the steady development of animal husbandry in China for 50 years, especially since the implementation of the reform and opening-up policy, the overall level of animal husbandry has been greatly improved. It has developed from the traditional extensive rural sideline to a pillar industry of the rural economy and even the national economy. Modern biotechnology, ecology, systematics, computer and engineering technology have penetrated into each other. Various new technologies of natural science have been widely used in modern animal husbandry, and many new achievements of social science are also being used in decision-making, management and management process by modern animal husbandry enterprises. With the development of animal husbandry industrialization, especially the improvement of people's living standard and the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, the sustainable development strategy is increasingly concerned by people. The state vigorously promotes the adjustment of agricultural industrial structure, changes the dual planting structure to the ternary planting structure, makes rational use of plant resources, changes grass to meat and grass to milk, gradually changes the production structure of food consuming animals such as pigs and birds in China's animal husbandry, and vigorously develops the production of food-saving herbivorous livestock. The animal husbandry shows an unprecedented good development trend. However, at present, the overall production level of animal husbandry in China is relatively low compared with the developed countries in the world, especially the industrialization and socialization of animal husbandry are not developed enough, the scientific and technological content of animal husbandry is not high, the deep processing of animal products is still in the primary stage, and the spear shield of the development of animal husbandry and environmental protection is gradually emerging. In a country, without the high development of animal husbandry, agricultural modernization is impossible. Nowadays, the output value of animal husbandry in developed countries accounts for more than 50% of the total output value of agriculture, and the potential of modernization and development of animal husbandry is huge. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, animal husbandry will become a new growth point of China's modernization, and China will gradually develop from a big animal husbandry country in the world to a powerful animal husbandry country.





ISBN: 978-981-14-5900-9 Date of Publication: 2020


With the rapid development of science and technology and the increasingly expanding areas between interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary, it makes mining industry enterprises develop from production technology to management technology. Therefore, for the students of geology, measurement, electromechanical and other majors related to mining, it is required that they not only understand the knowledge structure and knowledge system of the major, but also understand the method, process and technology of mineral deposit.

Mineral resource is basic and strategic for living and development of human society. In our country, above 95% energy and 80% raw materials come from mineral resource.

With the development of economy, the ascertained high-quality mineral resource is nearly exhausted. It not only makes China face the crisis of serious shortage of total supply of non-ferrous materials, but also challenges the traditional geology, mining, beneficiation, metallurgy, materials, processing, environment and other science and technology after the complex low-grade ore resources or secondary resources that are "difficult to explore, difficult to mine, difficult to concentrate and difficult to smelt" gradually become the main raw materials. The low quality of resources will make China's non-ferrous metal industry and related industries face the crisis of survival competition. The development of China's nonferrous metal industry urgently needs new theories and new technologies that adapt to the characteristics of China's resources. The publication of non-ferrous metal science and technology books with complete system, leading level and mutual integration plays an important role in improving the independent innovation ability of China's non-ferrous metal industry, promoting the application of new theories and technologies with high efficiency, low consumption, no pollution and comprehensive utilization of non-ferrous metal resources, and ensuring the sustainable development of China's non-ferrous metal industry.

With the progress of science and technology and the renewal of people's understanding of the utilization of the earth's material resources, the number of mineable minerals will continue to increase, and the development of industry, agriculture and social economy will demand more and more mineral resources and rely on them more and more.

As the carrier of mineral resources, mines have made great contribution to the development of national economy. At the same time, the extensive development mode of some mines at the expense of environment has also brought serious environmental problems, which make mines bear too much environmental pressure. Mine environmental problems are mainly manifested in the impact on the mine water environment, atmospheric environment, acoustic environment and ecological environment, especially on the ecological environment. The impact of mineral development on the environment is all-round.

Due to the limitation of the editor's level, we sincerely hope that readers will criticize and make suggestions on the mistakes and inadequacies of this book. Thank you very much.








ISBN: 978-981-14-5899-6 Date of Publication: 2020

Orthopaedics is one of the most common departments in major hospitals. The department mainly focuses on the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the skeletal muscle system and keeps and develops the normal morphology and functions by using medicine, surgery and physical methods. With the development and improvement of scientific technology, Orthopaedics has a great development in diagnosis and treatment. The establishment and development of hand surgery make the diagnosis and treatment technology of hand injury popularized and improved rapidly. Orthopaedic rehabilitation is an important branch of orthopaedic research. Orthopaedic rehabilitation is of great significance to rehabilitation medicine. Throughout the development process of rehabilitation medicine over the years, most studies believe that the development of modern rehabilitation medicine is closely related to the recovery of the survival ability of the wounded after World War II. In addition, in modern rehabilitation medicine, orthopaedic rehabilitation patients and diseases also occupy a considerable proportion. At present, orthopaedic rehabilitation is in the stage of rapid development, which is mainly reflected in the diagnosis of orthopaedic diseases, functional evaluation, the formulation and implementation of rehabilitation plan, etc. This becomes more and more rich, and the level of orthopaedic rehabilitation technology has also been significantly improved. It effectively accelerates the functional recovery of patients after surgery, so as to make full preparation for the early rehabilitation training. This book systematically summarizes the traditional Chinese medicine, medical diagnosis and treatment methods and rehabilitation treatment methods of orthopaedic diseases, so as to guide our future work on clinical orthopaedic treatment practice.



骨科是各大医院最常见的科室之一,主要研究骨骼肌肉系统的解剖、生理与病理, 运用药物、手术及物理方法保持和发展这一系统的正常形态与功能。随着科学技术的 发展和进步,骨科学在诊断、治疗方面有了很大的进展。手外科的建立和发展,使手外伤的诊治技术迅速得到普及和提高。骨科康复是骨科研究中的一个重要分支,骨科 康复对康复医学而言具有重要的意义。纵观康复医学历年来的发展过程,多数研究认 为现代康复医学的发展和二战后伤员生存能力恢复密切相关。此外,在现代康复医学 中,骨科康复的患者与疾病也占有相当的分量。目前,骨科康复学正处于快速发展的 阶段,主要体现在骨科疾病的诊断方式、功能评定、康复计划的制订与实施等方面变 得愈加丰富,并且骨科康复技术水平也获得明显的提高,有效地加快了患者术后的功 能恢复,从而为早期康复训练的开展做好充分的准备。本书系统归纳了骨科疾病的中医、 医诊治法及康复治疗方法,以作为 骨科临床治疗实践的参考依据,指导我们今后的工作。

ISBN: 978-981-14-5889-7 Date of Publication: 2020

Due to the further development of our country's transportation, the increasing highway capacity and highway traffic volume directly lead to the increasing vehicle load on the highway bridge. While the development of bridge management and maintenance is very slow. Therefore, it is an urgent challenge for us to strengthen the ideological understanding, further improve the bridge management and maintenance, strengthen the bridge detection means, accurately analyze and judge the causes of bridge diseases, and keep the bridge in good working condition.

The book, Construction and Management of Highway and Bridge Engineering, first introduces the highway and bridge construction projects in China, and then puts forward some problems about highway and bridge construction, including the analysis of key and difficult problems in construction technology and construction, as well as solutions and innovative methods. There are also some discussions on the management of highway and bridge construction in China, such as the problems and difficulties encountered in the work, as well as the new planning and problem plan putted forward in the project management. It also refers to the quotation of the new technology of the highway bridge construction. The specific content is relatively broad. Of course, when we talk about the construction and management of the highway bridge, the topic is relatively wide. If there are any omissions or mistakes, the readers and friends are welcomed to give feedback so we can exchange thoughts and study together.





ISBN: 978-981-14-5888-0 Date of Publication: 2020