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Construction industry is one of pillar industries in China. For a long time, the extensive management of construction industry has caused a lot of waste of resources and serious environmental pollution. Green construction is one of ways to solve this problem. However, China’s construction industry has a weak awareness of environmental protection, imperfect relevant laws and regulations, imperfect supervision and evaluation system. To change the current situation, it requires efforts of relevant departments and the support of the government, and also requires the construction personnel to consciously implement the concept of green construction. This book will give a brief overview of the relevant content of green construction, green building materials, green building construction content, green building evaluation, etc.

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ISBN: 978-981-14-6069-2 Date of Publication: 2020

Modern power engineering is closely related to each of us and affects all aspects of our lives. Automation control is also the dividend of the development of science and technology for the development of modern industry, especially for power engineering. The electric automation control technology can avoid the blind area or error in the traditional human control process, realize the time monitoring of the power engineering, ensure the safe and effective operation of the power engineering, reduce the work intensity of the staff, and also effectively improve the equipment operation efficiency.
    This paper explores power engineering and electrical automation control technology from multiple perspectives, including the system overview of power engineering; the working principle of electrical equipment, including high-voltage switchgear, high-voltage fuse, mutual inductor, electrical main wiring, etc. It expresses the contents of the rules and regulations of the electric power construction project; analyzes the supervision work related to the electric power construction project, including the quality evaluation method of the electric power construction project, the resume of the electric power equipment, the design supervision, etc. It explores the application of the new technologies and methods in the process of the electric power construction; lists the related concepts of the electric
automation technology; explores the starting point of electrical engineering and automation technology; and researches and prospects the intelligent technology in electrical automation engineering.

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ISBN: 978-981-17-0490-1 Date of Publication: 2020

Why do we develop prefabricated buildings in China? Although the existing traditional technology in China has made great contribution to the rapid development of urban and rural construction, its disadvantages are also very prominent: the first is extensive type, with serious waste of steel and cement; the second is excessive water consumption; the third is dirty, disorderly and poor construction site, which is often an important pollution source of urban inhalable particles; the fourth is serious common quality problems, cracking and leakage; the fifth is soaring labor cost, difficult recruitment management and quality control (this is the most essential one). This shows that the traditional technology has to be changed. In addition to the requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction, we must accelerate the transformation and vigorously develop prefabricated buildings.
   This book summarizes the experience of domestic prefabricated building construction and other aspects, which is clear-cut, easy to understand, and convenient for readers to quickly understand the relevant knowledge of prefabricated building. In the process of writing this book, we have referred to a large number of literature, as well as a large number of domestic and foreign enterprises’ achievement experience and classic cases. We are thankful for relevant enterprises in the book for their great help and support. Prefabricated technology is not a one-to-one technology, nor a closed and conservative technology. Only when all enterprises in the whole society work hard and strive for it and break the barriers of experience technology, can this cause of benefiting mankind be developed.
    Due to the limited level of editors, there will inevitably be omissions and deficiencies in the book. Readers are sincerely welcome to criticize and correct them.

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  由于编者的水平有限,书中难免会有疏漏, 不足之处,恳请广大读者批评指正。

ISBN: 978-981-17-0493-2 Date of Publication: 2020

Machinery manufacturing industry is one of the most important sectors of the national economy. It can not only directly provide consumer goods for people’s life, but also provide technical equipment for all sectors of the national economy. It is an important foundation and pillar industry of national economy. Its development scale and level have a great restriction and direct influence on the development of national economy, and it is an important sign of a country’s economic strength and the level of scientific and technological development. Therefore, all countries in the world regard the development of machinery manufacturing industry as one of the strategic priorities for the revitalization and development of national economy. 

The development and progress of machinery manufacturing industry, to a large extent, depends on the level and development of machinery manufacturing technology. Today, with the high development of science and technology, modern industry puts forward higher and higher requirements for machinery manufacturing technology, which promotes the continuous development of machinery manufacturing technology. At the same time, the development of cience and technology also provides opportunities and conditions for the development of machinery manufacturing technology. In particular, the development of computer technology makes it easier to combine conventional mechanical manufacturing technology with precision detection technology, numerical control technology, sensor technology, etc. It brings many new technologies and concepts to the field of mechanical manufacturing, and greatly improves product quality and production efficiency. The development of mechanical manufacturing technology has laid a solid foundation for the development of other high-tech and provided a reliable guarantee. Both of them promote each other and improve together, making a great contribution to the rapid development of society and economy. 

In the process of compiling this book, we have read a large number of domestic and foreign textbooks, treatises and other documents. Due to the limited space, we will not list them one by one. We sincerely thank these authors of these documents. At the same time, due to the limited level and ability of editors, there are inevitably mistakes and omissions in the book. We sincerely hope that experts, scholars and readers can criticize and correct them, so as to further improve them in the future.

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机械制造工业的发展和进步,在很大程度上取决于机械制造技术的水平和发展。 在科学技术高度发展的今天, 现代工业对机械制造技术提出了越来越高的要求,推动着机械制造技术向前不断发展,同时科学技术的发展也为机械制造技术的发展提供了机遇和条件。特别是计算机技术的发展,使得常规机械制造技术与精密检测技术、数控技术、传感技术等有机结合更易于进行,给机械制造领域带来许多新技术、新概念,使产品质量和生产效率大大提高。而机械制造技术的发展又为其他高新技术的发展打下了坚实的基础,提供了可靠的保证,两者互相促进,共同提高,为社会和经济的快速发展做出了极大的贡献。


ISBN: 978-981-17-0401-7 Date of Publication: 2020

The rapid development of economy and science and technology has a great impact on all walks of life at this stage, especially with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the rising awareness of environmental protection. Environmental protection and the promotion of the harmonious development of human and nature have become a common cognition of people. The environmental awareness of a country and a nation is an important sign to measure the social development and progress and the level of national civilization. Environmental protection has long been listed as one of China’s“basic national policies”. Strengthening environmental education is the basic project to improve the environmental awareness of the whole nation and realize the basic national policy of environmental protection.

The first chapter of this paper explains related concepts of environment, such as the constitution and problems of environment; the second chapter mainly studies the common environmental problems in the world at present, including climate change, ozone destruction, acid rain, biodiversity reduction, land desertification, forest vegetation destruction, freshwater resource crisis and so on. It also explains the impact on environmental pollution, especially the harm to human health; the fourth to eighth chapters mainly look for effective countermeasures for the common environmental pollution problems in the world, such as air pollution control measures, water pollution control measures, soil pollution control measures, acoustic pollution control measures. Next, the related concepts of environmental management are expressed and appropriate measures for monitoring and evaluating the environment are found.

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经济与科技的飞速发展对现阶段的各行各业都产生了极大的影响,尤其体现在随着人们生活水平的不断提升,环境保护意识逐渐抬头,环保与促进人与自然的和谐发展已经成为人们的普遍认知, 一个国家、一个民族的环境意识是衡量社会发展进步和民族文明程度的重要标志。环境保护,早已被列为我国的一项基本国策,而加强环境教育,则是提高全民族的环境意识,实现环境保护这一基本国策的基础工程。

本文第一章对环境的相关概念进行了阐释,例如环境的构成、问题等;第二章主要对现阶段世界范围内所面临的共同环境问题进行了系统的研究, 包含气候变化、臭氧破坏、酸雨、生物多样性的减少、土地荒漠化、森林植被破坏、淡水资源危机等内容;对环境污染所造成的影响,尤其是对于人体健康的危害进行了阐释;第四至第八章主要对世界范围内所共同面临的环境污染问题寻找其有效对策,例如寻找大气污染的治理措施、水体污染的治理措施、土壤污染的治理措施、噪声污染的治理措施,接下来对于环境管理的相关概念进行了表达以及寻找合适的监测环境与评价环境的措施。

ISBN: 978-981-17-0438-3 Date of Publication: 2020