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In recent years, the world’s oil prices have skyrocketed. China’s energy supply has become increasingly tight; the degree of dependence on foreign oil is more than forty percent. At present, the old oil fields in China have entered the late stage of its development, which makes it more difficult to develop. The newly discovered oil field mostly produce low permeability and heavy oil, which is difficult to use. In this difficult situation, the production of crude oil still increases slightly every year, which relies on the development and application of new technologies, the promotion of new crafts and the continuous improvement of management and technical level of the oilfield development practitioners. At the same time, the issue of resource and environment has become a very important one in today’s world. However, the development and construction of energy and chemical industry base will inevitably bring about environmental problems. When a large number of builders join the development, the environmental problems become increasingly prominent. Nowadays, the environmental pollution and ecological problems caused by petroleum engineering project have attracted both great attention from both China and other foreign countries. If the problems want to be solved fundamentally in order to achieve the harmonies and sustainable development of human, resources and environment, in addition to legislation of the state and government at all levels, the most important thing is to improve the environmental protection awareness of the practitioners and carry out environmental protection education for the builders to realize economic, environmental and social benefits.

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ISBN: 978-981-5006-01-8 Date of Publication: 2021

In the task of “promoting green building, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction”, professional technicians in the field of building electrical and intelligent play a very important role. The quantity and quality of talents are directly related to the realization of building energy conservation and emission reduction goals in China, and directly affect the development of intelligent and green building industry. It is very important and urgent to develop the undergraduate education of “building electrical and intelligent” major. In order to promote the sustainable development of economy and society, establish a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, and achieve the national energy conservation and emission reduction goals, building energy conservation will play an increasingly important role.
       This book basically expounds the concept and system composition of intelligent building and building intelligent system, and also introduces the basic knowledge of building intelligent system drawing recognition, working principle and technical characteristics of common equipment and equipment and other construction objects, construction steps of building intelligent system engineering, construction quality control and public construction, etc. This book is bound to have omissions, experts and readers are welcome to criticize and correct it. 

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ISBN: 978-981-49-7898-9 Date of Publication: 2021

With the continuous changes in the external environment, the continuous advancement of power system reforms, the continuous improvement of industry regulatory standards, and the continuous innovation of management methods and technologies, the management of power generation enterprises is facing new challenges. How to use creative methods to improve the company's ability to respond to changes? This has become the primary issue for power generation companies. By studying the application of operation management theory in power generation enterprises, this book analyzes the composition of the operation management structure and operation mode, and explores the ways and methods of operation management to adapt to external changes in the value chain of power generation enterprises. At the same time, production safety is a systematic project, which is a subject that needs to be resolved for a long time. It involves a very wide range, and involves many fields and a relatively large span. In order to enhance the safety awareness of employees and improve the level of enterprise safety management, in order to reduce the occurrence of safety accidents, and to reduce the casualties of people’s lives and the loss of enterprise property, we have planned and compiled the "Power Generation Enterprise Management Concept" based on the actual situation in China.
       The current situation of safety in production in our country is very severe. The Party Central Committee places safety in production as important as resources and the environment, and proposes safe development, sustainable development, and clean development. To achieve the strategic goal of sustainable development, take safe development as an important concept and incorporate it into the overall strategy of socialist modernization. At present, the work of safety supervision in our country is faced with the challenges of high pressure, high difficulty and heavy responsibilities, and it has become an important issue to be solved urgently by governments at all levels, safety supervision departments, and enterprises.

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ISBN: 978-981-49-7893-4 Date of Publication: 2021

The construction quality of water conservancy projects is directly related to the safety of people’s lives and property, and to the overall situation of national economy and social development. The implementation of project quality supervision and strict control of project quality is an important means for the government to safeguard social public interests and public safety. The purpose of water conservancy project supervision is to guarantee the quality of water conservancy construction project and ensure the project benefit. In recent years, with the large-scale development of water conservancy projects, water conservancy project quality problems occur frequently, especially small and medium-sized water conservancy projects. Therefore, water conservancy project quality supervision is particularly important; water conservancy project quality supervision can provide guarantee for water conservancy project quality, which is long-term and arduous. In order to promote the reform and development of grass-roots water conservancy project quality supervision, we must face up to the problems encountered in the water conservancy project quality supervision and testing exhibition, and take timely measures to solve them. Only in this way can we improve the effect of water conservancy project quality supervision, promote its reform and development, and step into the legal and standardized management track as soon as possible.

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ISBN: 978-981-49-7865-1 Date of Publication: 2021

Water conservancy projects play an important role in the allocation and regulation of water resources and the prevention of flood disasters. However, there are some problems in the construction and operation management of water conservancy projects in China, which hinder the development of water conservancy project benefits to a certain extent. In recent years, the state has paid more and more attention to water conservancy projects, with more and more investment and more new water conservancy projects. However, the construction management and operation management of water conservancy projects show
a serious imbalance of “separation of management and construction, reconstruction and pigging”. This requires the organic combination of water conservancy project construction management and operation management to achieve the combination of construction and management, so as to maximize the benefits of water conservancy project and realize the modern management of water conservancy project.
        Water conservancy project construction management is a more complex process, water conservancy project construction is more and more important, water conservancy project construction project management also needs to be constantly improved, developed and innovated. In the water conservancy construction project, the owner is the general organizer of the production process of the construction project, so the project management of the owner is the core of the management. When the owner manages the project, he must grasp it from the source, determine a set of scientific management concepts from the decision-making stage of the project, carefully select the management personnel at each stage and carry out a clear division of labor, so as to ensure the real implementation of various measures. This requires engineering and technical personnel to constantly learn to enrich themselves, in order to improve their quality and professional skills. So that the project in each stage of implementation has a relatively professional team to control the quality, progress and investment of the project, but also need to weigh the interests of all parties to maximize the interests.

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ISBN: 978-981-49-7863-7 Date of Publication: 2021