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In the late 1960s, Western developed countries such as Germany and Switzerland have begun to apply ecology principle to civil engineering experiments to restore damaged riparian ecosystems. After the 1990s, the concept of river ecological restoration has become a trend worldwide, and some countries have taken the lead in the research and practice of “restoring river life”. The river governance method of “wrapped” the river with concrete ignores that the river is also a living body, which has been generally rejected by various countries, and the ecological restoration of the river has become an international trend.
    The construction of an ecological city is to follow the principles of ecology and the laws of ecological economy, with the construction of the urban ecological environment and social development as the core. Through unified planning and comprehensive construction, the ecological construction, environmental protection, natural resource utilization, ecological restoration, economic development and urban and rural construction in the urban area are organically combined. Cultivate ecological landscape with blue sky, clear water, green ground, and beautiful scenery; induce an overall, harmonious, self-reliant, and open ecological civilization; incubate economically efficient, environmentally harmonious, and socially applicable ecological industries; build a civilized ecological community where man and nature coexist harmoniously. Ultimately realize the sustainable development and high degree of unification of regional economic, social and ecological benefits. Urban ecological water conservancy planning is based on the sustainable development of ecological city construction. According to the principles of ecology, following the laws and requirements of ecological balance, the planning of a water conservancy system that meets the virtuous cycle of the city and the sustainable use of water resources is established. Water conservancy construction and water-related activities are aimed at protecting, improving and restoring water ecological environment in cities and ensuring water ecology and water resources safety. Urban ecological water conservancy planning is a special plan of urban planning and an infrastructure in urban planning. It must not only obey the overall urban planning, but also enrich and perfect the overall urban planning. Therefore, we must not only focus on urban development planning, but also urban ecological water conservancy planning. Only in this way can we achieve sustainable human development.

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20 世纪 60 年代后期,德国及瑞士等西方发达国家已开始将生态学原理应用于土木工程以恢复受损河岸生态系统的试验研究。 90 年代以后,河流生态修复理念在世界范围内成为趋势,一些国家率先开始了“恢复河流生命”的研究和实践。忽略河流也是生命体,将河流用混凝土“包”起来的河道治理方法,已被各国普遍否定,河流生态修复已经成为国际大趋势。

ISBN: 978-981-49-5793-9 Date of Publication: 2020

With the development of social economy and the improvement of people’s material living standard, people have higher requirements for the quality and convenience of living environment. Urban roads, urban bridges, water supply and drainage, gas, heat and other municipal facilities construction projects are the essential material foundation of a city, and the basic conditions for urban economic development and opening to the outside world. The industrialization of the country is based on the premise of vigorously developing infrastructure, and it develops with various fields of municipal engineering. To build a modern city, we must have the corresponding infrastructure to adapt to the development of various undertakings, so as to create a good living environment and improve the economic and social benefits of the city. Municipal engineering can be called pillar project backbone project, it not only transports nutrients in economic construction, such as urban water supply facilities to provide production water for enterprises and domestic water for residents, but also remove waste materials, such as discharge and treatment of industrial wastewater and domestic sewage by urban drainage facilities. It communicates the material exchange between urban and rural areas. Urban roads and bridges ensure the passage of production vehicles and living vehicles. It plays a very important role in promoting agricultural production and scientific and technological development, changing the urban appearance, and gradually improving the national economic construction and people’s material life.

    In order to meet people’s needs for municipal public facilities and provide convenient, safe and high-quality municipal facilities services for people’s daily life, as municipal engineering construction site management personnel, they should always pay attention to the new technology of municipal engineering construction, improve their own technical level and enrich their own business knowledge.

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随着社会经济的发展,人们物质生活水平的提高,人们对生活环境的质量、便捷程度也有了更高的要求。城镇道路、城市桥梁、给排水、燃气、热力等市政设施建设工程,是城市必不可少的物质基础,是城市经济发展和实行对外开放的基本条件。国家的工业化都是以大力发展基础设施为前提,并伴随着市政工程的各个领域发展起来的。建设现代化的城市,必须有相应的基础设施,使之与各项事业的发展相适应,以创造良好的生活环境,提高城市的经济效益和社会效益。市政工程可称为支柱工程骨干工程,它既输送着经济建设中的养料,如城市供水设施向企业提供生产用水,向居民提供生活用水;排除废料,如城市排水设施排放处理工业废水和生活污水;沟通着城乡物资交流,城市道路、 桥梁保证生产用车和生活用车的通行,对于促进农业生产以及科学技术发展,改变城市面貌,使国家经济建设和人民物质生活逐步提高有着极为重要的作用。

ISBN: 978-981-49-6407-4 Date of Publication: 2020

Obstetrics and gynecology is an important part of clinical medicine, which belongs to a wide range and strong integrity subject. In the long life of women, especially after maturity, special life events, such as marriage, childbirth, may make the female reproductive physiology and reproductive endocrine function abnormal. At the same time, due to the influence of social development and external environment, the female infectious lesions, reproductive tumors, reproductive endocrine diseases will occur. Whether these diseases can be diagnosed and treated in time is of great significance to their prognosis. Therefore, in order to improve the diagnosis and treatment level of obstetrics and gynecology diseases, and protect the health of women in China, the author has consulted a large number of domestic documents to compile this book.
    This book not only embodies the new theory, new technology and new progress in diagnosis and treatment technology in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology, but also reflects the characteristics of these new diagnosis and treatment technologies in clinical practice, availability, ease of use or creating conditions for use. This book mainly introduces the common and practical diagnosis and treatment techniques of obstetrics and gynecology, and penetrates the new technologies in the field of obstetrics and gynecology organically into various chapters in recent years. And the book mainly focuses on diagnosis and treatment, and provides a brief description of the causes and pathogenesis, so as to solve practical problems for clinicians at all levels. It is hoped that this book can become a systematic and comprehensive reference book to guide the clinical work of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and become a mentor to the majority of Obstetrics and Gynecology colleagues.

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       本书既体现了目前妇产科领域在诊疗技术上的新理论、新技术和新进展,又体现了这些新诊疗技术对临床的实用、可用、易用或创造条件争取能用的特点。主要介绍妇产科常用和实用的诊疗技术,并将近年妇产科领域的新技术有机地渗透到各章节,以诊断和治疗为主,对病因、发病机制等从略或仅作简述,以为各级临床医师解决实际问题为主。 希望本书能成为系统、 全面地指导妇产科临床工作的参考书,并成为广大妇产科同仁的良师益友。

ISBN: 978-981-49-6406-7 Date of Publication: 2020

The determination of engineering cost is an important link to standardize the construction market order and improve the investment efficiency, which has strong policy, economy, science and technology. With the deepening of engineering cost system reform, China’s engineering cost is gradually changing the static management mode dominated by quota in the past, implementing the dynamic management system based on market changes, and actively implementing the bill of quantities pricing system, which greatly promotes the progress of the reform of project cost management system.

    Engineering cost management runs through the whole process of construction project and is an important content of project construction investment management. The engineering cost management takes construction project as the research object, combines engineering technology, economy, management, laws and regulations and engineering practice, and emphasizes on introducing the inherent laws of construction cost in different stages of construction project, as well as the theory and method of determining and controlling the engineering cost. It is a systematic project involving construction engineering technology, engineering economics, construction laws and regulations, construction engineering measurement and pricing, economic management and other interdisciplinary systems engineering. Construction engineering cost management is related to the construction quality and progress of construction projects. In the process of compiling this textbook, although it has been repeatedly considered and proofread, due to the author’s short time and lack of experience, there must be omissions or deficiencies. We sincerely invite peer experts and the majority of authors to criticize and correct.

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ISBN: 978-981-49-6415-9 Date of Publication: 2020

As an academic term, piano art is a very extensive vocabulary. Scholars have different opinions on its connotation. In a broad sense, the theory of piano art should include many factors, such as the history of piano art, piano performance, piano teaching and so on. These factors are not separated from each other and thety have close connection with each other. They are relatively independent and integrated with each other, thus forming the overall concept of piano art theory. Therefore, the piano art theory and teaching research should be studied from the musical instrument evolution, music style inheritance, performance theory, teaching theory, teaching work training, aesthetic concept and other aspects of cultural characteristics. Piano not only integrates the noble artistic ideal of human beings, but also makes the emotional communication between people closer with a special language form, which reflects the indispensable role of music in people’s life and body and mind. Nowadays, in the era of rapid development in all aspects of society, people need more music, especially the aesthetic power of piano music. It is because of this that piano art can achieve its eternal prosperity for thousands of years.
    This book is a highly readable work. It has neither the desire to flatter the public, nor the intention to mystify. It only seeks to make the problems clear and the truth clear. This book can be used as a reference book for music professional learners, and also as a channel for amateur piano lovers to understand piano art in depth. In the process of compiling this book, the author has referred to and used for reference the views and works of some famous scholars and experts. Here, the author would like to express the deep gratitude to them. It is inevitable that there will be deficiencies in the book. The author hopes that readers and experts can put forward valuable opinions for further revision and improvement.

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ISBN: 978-981-49-5795-3 Date of Publication: 2020