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Human resources in each era have their own characteristics adapted to their own times. With the change of social economy and environment, human resource management has formed its own characteristics. The era is a time with human centered and the era of talent competitive advantage. Human resources constitute the basic elements of social competitive sports, and it is the primary factor of wealth formation, the indispensable factor of creating value, and the key force of economic development. Modern human resource management takes “people” as the core, regards people as “capital”, takes people as the first resource to develop, attaches importance to selecting people by things and setting things for people, so that employees can work actively and creatively, which belongs to “service center”. The starting point of management is “focusing on people”, considering the differences of people’s personality and needs, as well as the influence of the objective environment on people, to carry out work from the perspective of contingency, so as to achieve the reasonable allocation of human resources and the systematic optimization of people and things, so that enterprises can obtain the best economic and social benefits and maintain the competitive advantage of an organization.

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ISBN: 978-981-49-6440-1 Date of Publication: 2020

Buildings are the main places where humans engage in various activities. Population growth, lack of resources, environmental pollution and ecological destruction are closely related to human construction activities. Green building, as a response of the construction industry to environmental problems, has become the mainstream and the main direction of the world’s architectural research and development, and has been promoted in many developed countries. In China, the concept of green buildings has become familiar to the public, and the related theoretical research and design practices have also become a hot spot in the industry.
Under the severe situations of decreased resource and energy, increasingly worse environmental pollution and deteriorated ecosystem, the “ecological civilization construction” proposed by the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party in our country pointed out a direction for the development of green buildings in China. Construction industry, as a pillar of the national economy, while promotes the economic and social development of
our country, it also brings huge consumption of resources and energy, ecological destruction and environmental pollution.

    Green building and green construction technologies are the important part of the sustainable development of the construction industry, and are also the basic requirements for the construction industry itself to save resources and energy and protect the ecological environment.
    Green building has attracted great attention from the Chinese government, and also indicates that the Chinese construction industry has ushered in a new era of green building. The volume of the green building industry is huge. A large number of management problems have arisen from a series of processes such as the development and production of green building materials, the development and application of green building technologies, the implementation of green building projects to the operation and management. For most constructors, these management problems are brand new, and urgently need to be solved.

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建筑是人类从事各种活动的主要场所。人口增加、资源匮乏、环境污染和生态破坏与人类的建筑活动密切相关。绿色建筑作为建筑界应对环境问题的回应已经成为世界建筑研究与发展的主流与方向,并在不少发达国家实践推广。 在中国绿色建筑的概念开始为人们所熟悉、绿色建筑的理论研究和设计实践也已成为业界的热点。

       绿色建筑已经引起中国政府的高度重视,也预示着中国建筑行业迎来了崭新的绿色建筑时代。绿色建筑产业量非常庞大.从绿色建材的研发与生产、绿色建筑技术的开发应用、 绿色建筑项目实施到运营管理等一系列过程中衍生出大量的管理问题。这些管理问题对广大的工程建设者来说,不仅是全新的也是迫切需要解决的。

ISBN: 978-981-49-6439-5 Date of Publication: 2020

With the rapid development of economy and urbanization, environment and energy issues have become increasingly prominent. Construction industry, as the major energy consumer and the main producer of environmental pollution, inevitably becomes the focus of attention. In this context, green buildings emerged. Green buildings have important characteristics like healthy and comfortable living environment, low energy consumption for construction, and conducive to resource conservation and sustainable development.
    At present, many countries around the world are in a time of rapid economic growth, and the construction industry shows particularly rapid growth. However, the resources, environment, and ecological problems it brings have become increasingly prominent, which severely restricts the sustainable development of the world economy. When the deteriorating trend of ecological environment has not yet been restrained, it is very necessary to maintain sustainable development. Green architecture development has made considerable achievements in some countries. Numerous theoretical researches on green buildings and new engineering demonstration projects have been constantly emerging everywhere. Nowadays, the production certification of green construction materials and products, the development and research of new technologies related to high-performance green buildings, the establishment of authoritative green building standards, regulations and specifications, the further improvement and perfection of the evaluation system, and the benefits increase led by the reduction of green building investment costs and the improvement of use efficiency, especially the continuously raising public environmental awareness, all these will be beneficial to the wider development of green buildings.
    Green buildings and green construction technologies are an important part for the sustainable development of construction industry, and are also the basic requirements for the construction industry itself to save resources and energy and protect the ecological environment. Based on this, this textbook is complied to meet the needs of manage personnel and professional technicians in engineering construction field to learn green buildings and green construction technologies.

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ISBN: 978-981-49-6438-8 Date of Publication: 2020

With the accelerating pace of enterprise internationalization, human resource management activities based on enterprise strategy have attracted wide attention under the background of multi culture. For a long time, the research field of human resource management of international enterprises mainly focuses on the management of expatriate personnel of multinational companies in developed countries. However, with the deepening of economic globalization, more and more developing countries have participated in this process, and the task and research scope of cross-cultural human resource management have gone beyond this narrow concept.
    According to the new trend of cross-cultural human resource management, this book comprehensively expounds the human resource strategy and main management categories of enterprises in the cross-cultural environment. Based on the background of international labor diversion and the guidance of cross-cultural management, this paper focuses on expatriate management of multinational companies, localization management of human resources of overseas companies, cross-cultural training and development, cross-cultural conflict and communication, cross-cultural labor relations, R & D talent management of multinational companies, and human resource management of cross-cultural virtual enterprises. This paper summarizes the tasks of human resource management in cross-cultural context from a new perspective.
    Due to the lack of experience of the editor, there are inevitably omissions and deficiencies in the book. Readers are requested to give more valuable comments for revision in the second edition.

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      本书正是根据跨文化人力资源管理的新趋势,全面阐述了跨文化环境中企业人力资源战略和主要管理范畴, 以劳动力的国际化分流为背景, 以跨文化管理为导向,对跨国公司外派人员管理、海外公司人力资源本地化管理、跨文化培训与开发、跨文化冲突与沟通、跨文化劳动关系、跨国公司研发人才管理,以及跨文化虚拟企业人力资源管理进行了重点而深入的阐述,以全新的角度对跨文化背景下的企业人力资源管理的任务进行了归纳和总结。

ISBN: 978-981-49-6437-1 Date of Publication: 2020

With the rapid development of China’s socialist market economy, information technology, biotechnology and other high-tech are widely used in various fields. New theories, new technologies and new methods of clinical diagnosis and treatment and nursing are constantly emerging. There are also extensive mutual penetration and influence among medical disciplines, as well as between medical disciplines and Humanities and Social Sciences, forming a large number of attractive new medical disciplines. At the same time, with the aging of the population, the changes of disease spectrum, and the continuous enhancement of the awareness of national health care, people’s awareness and demand for mental and psychological health are increasing, which also puts forward higher requirements for the clinical diagnosis and treatment nursing technology and practice ability of medical workers. Learning new theory, mastering new technology and continuously improving the professional level are the common tasks faced by the majority of medical staff.
    China is the country with the largest number of people suffering from mental illness in the world. The root causes of mental illness are extremely complex, and the complex factors are more than any other country in the world. The behaviors of self mutilation, suicide, hurting others and endangering the society due to serious mental illness emerge in an endless stream, and even have a gradually increasing trend in recent years. This kind of national mental state puts forward strong challenges and higher requirements for the medical workers in our country to protect people’s health. However, most of the medical workers in our country do not have the ability to deal with this challenge and perform the corresponding duties. They are not competent for this kind of responsibility and can not meet the health needs of the people. Therefore, medical workers are required to enhance their ability and learn to improve their knowledge. In addition, with the gradual expansion of professional doctors’ practice liberalization in China, the productivity of doctors has been liberated, the development of doctors has been promoted, and the income of doctors has been improved. This requires doctors to continuously improve their comprehensive quality, enhance their sense of honor and meet the needs of patients.

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      我国是世界上患有精神疾病人口最多的国家,国民罹患精神疾病的根源是极其复杂的,其复杂因素超过世界上其他任何一个国家应有的程度:因患严重精神疾病而自残、自杀、伤害他人、危害社会的行为层出不穷,近年来甚至有逐渐增加的趋势。这种国民精神状况对我国的医务工作者保护人民健康的职责提出了强烈的挑战和更高的要求,但我国的大多数医务工作者都还不具备应对这种挑战和履行相应职责的能力,胜任不了这种职责,满足不了国民的健康需要,这就要求医务工作者迅速增强这方面的能力, 学习提高这方面的知识;再加上我国职业医师行医自由化的逐步扩大,解放了医生的生产力,促进了医生的发展,提高了医生的收益,这就要求医生必须不断提高综合素质,增强荣誉感,满足患者需要。

ISBN: 978-981-49-6436-4 Date of Publication: 2020