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As is said that the economic base determines the superstructure, in an era of extreme economic scarcity, people have little demand for living conditions and quality. However, with the people’s living standards getting higher and higher, more and more affluent and educated, there are higher requirements for the quality of housing construction, especially in today’s rapid development of social transformation period. It is mainly reflected in that it not only meets the basic living function of people’s living, but also improves the comfortable degree of people’s living, which is enjoyment. Although new technologies and new materials are constantly updated, the development of housing construction is faster and faster, but there are still some quality problems, including not only those under construction, but also those that have been put into use. This not only affects people’s daily life, but also threatens personal and property safety. Therefore, it is of great significance to strengthen the quality and safety management of housing construction and to formulate specific prevention and control measures for ensuring the construction safety of housing construction, improving the construction quality of housing construction and creating high-quality housing projects.

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ISBN: 978-981-49-6427-2 Date of Publication: 2020

China’s urban rail transit is facing great opportunities for development. According to preliminary statistics, more than 40 cities and thousands of kilometers of urban rail transit lines will be built and put into operation. While building urban rail transit with multi-level and line network, the concept of sustainable development has been paid more and more attention by the industry. To achieve sound and rapid development of China’s urban rail transit by adhering to economic development, clean development and safe development is also the embodiment of the overall requirements of our participants to seriously implement and vigorously promote the construction of ecological civilization, and to deeply implement the goals and tasks of energy conservation and emission reduction.

The operation cost of urban rail transit project is not only related to scientific and reasonable planning, construction and management, but also how to implement the design concept of energy conservation and emission reduction to all aspects during the construction. The energy-saving and emission reduction technology of urban rail transit engineering covers many systems and specialties, such as urban rail transit vehicles, power supply, electromechanical system and operation organization. How to systematically and reasonably implement and implement energy conservation and emission reduction design, actively consider the environmental pressure, energy crisis and other social problems brought by high energy consumption to our country, and take effective measures to give good control is the sacred mission entrusted to today’s subway builders and operators.
      In view of the limitations of the technical level and practice, if there is anything wrong with the content of this book, readers are welcome to criticize and correct it.

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中国城市轨道交通正面临发展大机遇,据初步统计,将有 40 多个城市、数千公里的城市轨道交通线路将陆续建设和投运,在构建城市多层次、线网化的城市轨道交通的同时,可持续发展的理念也逐步被业界高度重视,坚持节约发展、清洁发展、安全发展来实现中国城市轨道交通又好又快发展,也是我们参与者认真贯彻、大力推进生态文明建设的总体要求,深入落实节能减排的目标和任务的体现。

ISBN: 978-981-49-6426-5 Date of Publication: 2020

On October 1, 1964, with the official operation of the world’s first high-speed railways in Japan, high-speed railway opened a new era of transportation development. To be a powerful nation in transportation, railway should be placed firstly and high-speed railway is the leader. As a safe, reliable, fast and comfortable, low-carbon and environment friendly mode of transportation with large carrying capacity, high-speed railway has become the mainstream mode of transportation development in the world, leading mankind to a new era. But the safety of high-speed railway is also a hot issue. Based on the analysis of the current situation and objective situation of the safe operation of high-speed railway, this book explores the occurrence mechanism of high-speed railway traffic accidents caused by natural disasters from the concept of “dynamic tracking, situation assessment and early warning management”, establishes a natural disaster early warning system for the safe operation of high-speed railway, and provides management measures and methods for safe operation of high-speed railway under natural disasters. The natural disaster early warning system for safe operation of high-speed railway includes cross wind disaster warning system, rainfall warning system, temperature warning system, earthquake disaster warning system, geological disaster warning system, lightning warning system and other subsystems. Through the early warning system, it can improve the safety operation evaluation and early warning ability of high-speed railway under natural disasters, realize the development goals of high-speed railway safety, fast, economic, low-carbon and environmental protection, and provide theoretical basis and technical support for improving the safety situation of high-speed railway.

   With the rapid development of China’s high-speed railway, according to the medium and long-term development plan of China’s railway, by 2020, in order to meet the rapid growth of passenger transport demand, the rapid passenger transport corridor between provincial capital cities and large and medium-sized cities will be established, and the “four vertical and four horizontal” railway rapid passenger transport channels and three intercity express passenger transport systems will be planned. The construction of passenger dedicated line is more than 12000 km, and the target speed of passenger train reaches 200 km / h and above. The network effect of high-speed railway network has a great impact on the transportation pattern. Therefore, the importance of high-speed railway operation safety is self-evident. ..

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1964 10 1 日,随着世界上首条高速铁路(High-Speed Railways)在日本的正式营运,高铁开启了交通发展的新时代。 “交通强国,铁路先行,高铁领头”,高速铁路作为一种安全可靠、快捷舒适、运载量大、低碳环保的运输方式,已经成为世界交通业发展的主流交通方式,引领人类走向新时代。但是高速铁路的安全问题也是大家关注的热点问题。本书在对高速铁路安全运营的现状和客观态势分析的基础上,从动态跟踪、态势评估、预警管理理念出发,探寻自然灾害导致高速铁路交通事故的发生机理,建立高速铁路安全运营的自然灾害预警系统,给出自然灾害下高速铁路安全运营的管理措施和方法。而高速铁路安全运营的自然灾害预警系统包含了高速铁路安全运营的横风灾害预警系统、雨量预警系统、温度预警系统、地震灾害预警系统、地质灾害预警系统、雷电预警系统等子系统。通过该预警系统,可以提高自然灾害下高速铁路安全运营评估和预警能力,实现高速铁路安全、快捷、经济、低碳、环保的发展目标,并为改善高速铁路安全状况提供理论依据与技术支撑。
2020 年,为满足快速增长的旅客运输需求,建立省会城市及大中城市间的快速客运通道,规划“四纵四横”铁路快速客运通道以及三个城际快速客运系统。建设客运专线 1.2 km 以上,客车速度目标值达到每小时 200km 及以上。高速铁路网形成网络效应,对交通运输格局产生了较大影响,因此, 高速铁路运营安全的重要性不言而喻。

ISBN: 978-981-49-6445-6 Date of Publication: 2020


Water is the source of human life, and the construction of water conservancy projects, which is closely related to water resources, affects people’s life in our country in all aspects. Water resources problems have become more and more prominent with economic development. River pollution has seriously affected people’s life, and the uneven geographical distribution of water resources results in a relative shortage of water in northern and western China, which then, to a certain extent, limit the economic development of those regions. One of the major problems in the construction of water conservancy projects is how to protect the ecological environment. In order to develop the economy without harm to ecological environment, what we should do is to make every effort to reduce the negative influence of the construction of water conservancy projects and maximize the advantages. We should also promote the coordinated development of water conservancy project construction and ecological environment, so as to accelerate sustainable development and build a better socialist harmonious society.
     The book is divided into five chapters, which make detailed analysis and exposition of water conservancy project construction and environmental protection from different point of view, to find various problems in them, and puts forward corresponding suggestions, measures and methods, so as to contribute to the development of water conservancy projects and environmental protection.

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ISBN: 978-981-49-6422-7 Date of Publication: 2020

In recent years, the state vigorously promotes the urbanization construction, and the investment in infrastructure construction is gradually increasing, which makes more and more municipal engineering projects appear around the city. Municipal engineering construction is different from other projects, its construction is more complex, usually the construction site is located in a more remote location, the construction technology is also more cumbersome. China’s social economy and people’s living standards are developing rapidly. In this situation, the speed of China’s urbanization process has also been unprecedentedly accelerated. Gradually, people also put forward higher and higher requirements for municipal engineering projects. In order to optimize the municipal engineering construction technology, we need to do a lot of work.
    In order to further improve the construction level of municipal engineering in China, measures should be taken to strengthen the construction technology and site management of municipal engineering to ensure the construction efficiency and quality. Based on this, this paper briefly discusses how to strengthen the construction technology and management measures of municipal engineering. In this paper, the author explored municipal engineering construction technology and management from various aspects hoping to provide some valuable reference for the improvement of municipal engineering project work.

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ISBN: 978-981-49-6448-7 Date of Publication: 2020