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Enterprise safety culture is the fundamental factor to realize enterprise safety production. The basic purpose of building enterprise safety culture is to improve people’s safety quality. The most fundamental embodiment of people’s safety quality is people’s safety consciousness: “consciousness determines behavior, behavior performance quality, quality determines destiny”. Therefore, through the construction of enterprise safety culture, to improve the safety quality of all employees is a strategic move for enterprise safety development, is a fundamental policy to ensure safety production, and a long-term plan to prevent safety accidents.
    Positive and effective safety culture is the cornerstone for enterprises to realize intrinsic safety. In order to successfully carry out the construction of enterprise safety culture, it is necessary to change the traditional enterprise safety concept and treat the safety management problems with a new perspective and thinking mode. Enterprises should regard the construction of safety culture as a successful ladder to ensure safe production, safeguard the safety and health of employees, and realize safe production and sustainable development, rather than face work that has to be carried out due to the provisions of national laws and regulations and the wide range of requirements of government regulatory departments at all levels. For those excellent enterprises led by visionary entrepreneurs, safety production and safety development have become the key success factors for enterprises to unite people’s hearts and develop and grow. The construction of safety culture not only does not hinder the realization of the enterprise’s operation benefit goal, but also is an important way for the enterprise to realize the sustainable development goal, and it is also an important magic weapon for the enterprise to increase the cohesion within the enterprise, increase the external influence and comprehensively enhance the competitiveness.

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      积极有效的安全文化是企业实现本质安全的基石。要顺利进行企业安全文化建设, 就必须转变传统的企业安全观念, 用新的视角和思维方式来看待安全管理问题。企业应该将安全文化建设看做是企业保障安全生产、维护职工安全与健康、实现安全生产和可持续发展的成功阶梯,而并非是由于国家法律法规的规定以及各级政府监管部门的要求才不得不进行的面子工作。对那些具有远见卓识的企业家所引领的优秀企业来说,安全生产和安全发展已经成为企业凝聚人心、发展壮大的关键成功要素。安全文化建设不仅不妨碍企业的经营效益目标的实现,而且是企业实现可持续发展目标的重要途径,又是企业内增凝聚力、外增影响力、全面提升竞争力的重要法宝。

ISBN: 978-981-49-5790-8 Date of Publication: 2020

At present, the problem of urban road traffic congestion has become a big problem in almost all large and medium-sized cities in China. With the rapid development of China’s economy, the new pattern of modern urban and rural integration has gradually formed. It has become a reality that every family has a car. The rapid development of urban construction and vehicle ownership not only makes the road traffic congestion in big cities in China, but also causes road congestion in some counties and even some small towns. So what is the root cause of this phenomenon? Is it urban planning, or urban road design, or other reasons? As well as with the change of national policy, the development direction of construction market has also changed significantly, and transportation engineering and municipal engineering have gradually taken the leading position. At the same time, the cost control of enterprises has penetrated into the whole construction process, which indicates that enterprises need more cost personnel. Therefore, it is an urgent problem to cultivate comprehensive cost personnel who understand both construction budget and highway and municipal engineering budget.
    This book mainly introduces the problems related to urban road traffic design and cost control, hoping to play a role in attracting jade. It is expected that the defects in the design of urban road construction or reconstruction projects in China can be gradually improved in the near future, and make contributions to the smooth traffic of urban roads in China. There are also some imperfections in this book. Experts and readers are welcome to criticize them.

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目前,城市道路交通拥堵问题已经成为我国几乎所有大中城市令政府头疼、百姓困扰的老大难问题。随着我国经济快速发展,城乡一体化的现代城乡新格局逐步形成,老百姓几乎每家都有汽车已经成为现实。这种城市建设和车辆拥有量的高速发展,不仅使得我国大城市的道路交通拥堵,而且连一些县城,甚至一些小镇都产生道路拥堵问题。 那么这种现象出现的根本原因是什么?是城市规划问题, 还是城市道路设计问题,或是其他原因。以及随着国家政策的改变,建筑市场的发展方向也有了重大转变,交通运输工程和市政工程逐渐取得主导地位。同时企业对成本控制已经深入到整个施工过程,这就预示着企业需要更多的造价人员。因此,培养既懂建筑预算又懂公路和市政工程预算的综合性造价人员是亟须解决的问题。

ISBN: 978-981-49-5767-0 Date of Publication: 2020

This collection of drawings is divided into seven large chapters with more than 20 chapters. The construction chapter is placed in the first chapter, and the labor scene occupies the first section, which fully reflects the author’s respect for the landscaping workers. It is they who create the beauty of the garden, and it is they who have drawn a strong brush for the city and the great era. Regarding the construction of Hanghai Square as a separate section, it is not only an important part, but also the publicity and popularization of landscape greening knowledge. Professional peers can exchange and learn from each other, and non professionals can also learn from it. In the chapter of flower scenery, sometimes some poems describing plants or the characteristics of flowers and plants are inserted to show the literature and art at the same time. Plant landscape included in the article is more landscape effect or color characteristics of appreciation varieties. Volunteer activities for public welfare, publicity of traditional festivals, co construction and development, mass entertainment, scientific research competitions and so on all have a complete chapter, which objectively records the 20-year construction and development achievements of Hanghai Square.
     Although this set of atlas records the changes of Hanghai Square in 20 years, it reflects the change of Zhengzhou landscape construction in 20 years. It is an epitome of the promotion of Zhengzhou city image and a set of data to confirm the progress of ecological civilization in Zhengzhou. It tells us that to meet the needs of people’s better life and create an ecological and livable environment is the responsibility of gardeners. 

20 Years’ Collection of Drawings of Hanghai Square opens up an idea for the four squares affiliated to Zhengzhou Lvwen Square Management Center to gather graphic materials and future development and construction. It gives flowers and plants another kind of life, and it is also a dialogue between us and history. It guides us how to leave some moments of life in our future work and life, and provides some reference. It is a very good form. Of course, there are some shortcomings or regrets in the book, such as the low professional degree of photography, the incomplete collection of landscape science knowledge, etc. But this can not hide the advantages. Please feel the joy brought by the development and change of 20 years when you read it.

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《航海广场 20 年图文集》本图文集共分七个大篇 20 余章节,把建设篇放在首篇,劳动场面又占据首节,充分体现了作者对园林绿化工作者的尊重,正是他们创造了园林之美,也正是他们为这个城市、为这个伟大时代画下了浓重的一笔。把航海广场建设与发展重要节点单独成节,不仅是建设篇的重要部分,更是园林绿化知识的宣传和普及,专业同行可以交流借鉴,非专业人士也可进行科普学习。在花景篇,时而插入一些描写植物的诗句或者花草的特性,欣赏的同时又略显文艺。植物景观篇收录的多是景观效果较好或者有色形特性的欣赏品种。 公益志愿活动 、 传统节日宣传 、共建发展、群众娱乐、科研竞赛等等都有篇目,组成完整章节,客观地记录了航海广场 20 年建设和发展成就。
       这套图文集记录的虽是航海广场 20 年的变化,体现的却是郑州市园林建设 20年的变化,是郑州市城市形象提升的一个缩影,是印证郑州市生态文明进步的一集资料。 它告诉我们满足人们美好生活需要、 打造生态宜居环境是园林人的职责所在。
    《航海广场 20 年图文集》为郑州市绿文广场管理中心所属四个广场集结图文资料及今后的发展建设打开一个思路。 航海广场 20 年赋予花草另一种生命, 也是我们与历史的对话,引导大家在今后的工作生活中如何留下点滴的生活瞬间,提供一些借鉴,是一种很不错的形式。当然,书中也有些许不足或者遗憾,如照片摄影专业度不高,园林科普知识收录不全等等,瑕不掩瑜,在您阅读时请感受 20 年的发展变化带给我们的喜悦吧。

ISBN: 978-981-49-5788-5 Date of Publication: 2020

Fire is one of the most common disasters that seriously endangers human life and property and directly affects social development and stability. In recent years, with the development of social and economic construction, the number of high-rise buildings is increasing. High-rise and super-high-rise building fires are common all over the world. Although these buildings are generally equipped with more advanced fire-fighting facilities, once the fire happens, people are often unprepared. On June 14, 2017, a 20 storey residential building in the west of London broke out in the early hours of the morning. The fire spread rapidly, and the whole building was instantly submerged in a raging fire. The fire brought serious casualties and property losses, which shows the great harm of the fire.
    Fire protection safety involves all walks of life and thousands of households, and is closely related to economic development, social stability and people’s living and working in peace and contentment. Only when the whole society popularizes safety regulations and scientific and technological knowledge, improves the safety awareness of the whole people, and enhances the prevention ability of the whole people, can the fire hazards be effectively prevented and reduced. Fire protection safety is a scientific, technical, mass and professional work. At the same time, it is necessary to coordinate and control the fire protection safety work of governments, organizations, enterprises and institutions. In addition to mastering the necessary knowledge of fire safety management, it is also necessary to learn and master the basic fire prevention and fire extinguishing technical knowledge such as fire combustion principle, fire risk category of materials and production technology, dangerous goods, production process, production equipment, electrical, building and fire-fighting facilities. Only by mastering these basic knowledge can we lay a foundation for the improvement of fire safety management quality and technical level, and provide specific methods and measures for solving practical problems in fire protection safety management.

ISBN: 978-981-49-5781-6 Date of Publication: 2020

With the rapid development of China’s economy and the continuous progress of science and technology, great changes have taken place in the market demand of water conservancy and hydropower projects, which poses more, newer and higher challenges to safety production. In addition, in recent years, the state has continuously strengthened the construction of safety production regulations, promulgated and revised a series of laws and regulations and technical standards, and established a series of safety production management systems. It is necessary to urge the main person in charge of water conservancy and hydropower engineering construction enterprises, project leaders and full-time safety production management personnel to update the safety production knowledge in time and improve the safety production management ability.
    Water conservancy and hydropower projects usually have the characteristics of long construction period, large investment scale, complex engineering technology, many uncertain factors in construction, and difficult construction quality control. Facing a new round of rapid development of water conservancy and hydropower projects, the quality management personnel of water conservancy and hydropower projects should have solid quality management theory and higher quality management ability. Therefore, the quality detection and control research of water conservancy and hydropower projects has become the current theme. Only by better grasping the quality of the project, can the water conservancy and hydropower project play its maximum effect, and then promote the economic and social development of our country.
    With the extensive and orderly development of assessment and training for quality inspection personnel of water conservancy and hydropower projects, the ability and quality of the majority of water conservancy and hydropower project quality inspection practitioners will continue to improve. The quality inspection of water conservancy and hydropower projects will be more standardized and healthy to promote and develop, so as to ensure the quality of water conservancy and hydropower projects, build more high-quality projects, and promote the technical progress of the industry.

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      水利水电工程通常具有建设周期长、投资规模大、工程技术复杂、施工中不确定性因素多、施工质量控制难度较大等特点, 面对水利水电工程新一轮的快速发展,水利水电工程质量管理人员应具备扎实的质量管理理论和更高的质量管理能力。 所以对水利水电工程的质量检测和控制研究就成为当下的主题, 只有更好地把握工程项目的质量,才能使水利水电工程发挥其最大的成效,进而促进我国的经济社会发展。       


ISBN: 978-981-49-5762-5 Date of Publication: 2020