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Therapeutics of neurological diseases is a jewel in the crown of medicine. It attracts a  group of outstanding doctors to go deep into this profession and explore hard for it with its  fine neuroanatomy, strict thinking logic, unique treatment methods, and remarkable  clinical effects. Despite rapid advances in science and technology, there are still no  satisfactory treatments for many difficult and critical neurological diseases, and a large  number of patients are still in a state of isolation and helplessness.            

Nervous system diseases are difficult to diagnose and treat. They are currently  recognized as intractable diseases in the world. Except for a few diseases such as nervous  system infections and individual cerebrovascular diseases that can be completely cured,  other diseases still lack effective means, which seriously threaten people’s health and bring  heavy burden to the family and society. Although modern medicine has made great  progress, nervous system diseases have not yet got rid of the embarrassing situation of  “three elements” (antibiotics, vitamins and glucocorticoids). For thousands of years,  Chinese medicine has accumulated rich experience in the treatment of nervous system  diseases, and has certain advantages. However, in the process of sorting out, we found that  many diseases were not fully understood in ancient times, and there was no corresponding  disease name. We could not directly refer to the experience of the ancients. We only need  to study and obtain relevant experience in the actual treatment process.

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神经系统疾病治疗学是医学皇冠上的一颗明珠,它以精细的神经解剖、严密的 思维逻辑、独特的治疗方法、显著的临床疗效而吸引着一批又一批优秀的医生深入 到这个专业,为之辛勤探索。虽然科学技术的进步迅速,但许多神经病学的疑难、 危重疾病仍然没有满意的治疗方法,大量患者仍处于孤立无援的状态。 

     神经系统疾病诊断疑难、治疗困难,是目前世界上公认的难治性疾病,除神经系统感染、个别脑血管病等少数疾病可以完全治愈之外,其他疾病尚缺乏有效的手段,严重威胁人民群众健康,给家庭和社会带来沉重的负担。虽然现代医学已有了长足发展,但神经系统疾病仍未摆脱“三素”(三素即抗生素、维生素和糖皮质激 素)的尴尬境地。千百年来,中医药在治疗神经系统疾病方面积累了丰富的经验,具有一定的优势。但是,我们在整理的过程中,发现很多疾病在古代没有充分的认识,也没有相对应的病名,无法直接参考古人的经验,只能需要我们在实际治疗过 程中研究并获取相关经验。

ISBN: 978-981-49-7772-2 Date of Publication: 2021


Most people are ordinary. No matter whether we are willing or not, life will continue.  We are all moving forward with dreams in this ordinary and hopeful world.  

  Fortunately, there are football and music. I started playing guitar at the age of 18. I  didn’t have the money or time to learn it. I was trying to learn guitar by my own interests,  so I haven’t reached the entry level yet. Many of my friends, like me, envy the accent of  those who sing with guitars.  

  The Internet age has come unexpectedly, and mobile apps have become a part of our  lives. Then I wondered, can I develop an APP so that all friends like me can realize their  wish of playing and singing on the APP? Play and Sing Valley was born under this  background. A mobile phone, a score, no equipment, you don’t need to understand music  theory, as long as you like, anyone can play and sing.

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人这一生,大多平凡。无论是否甘心,生活总要继续,我们都在这个平凡而又 充满希望的世界,带着梦想前行。 

万幸的,还有足球和音乐。我 18 岁开始接触吉他,没有钱也没有时间去学,全 靠自己的兴趣摸索,到现在也还没有入门。我身边的很多朋友和我一样,羡慕着别 人拿着吉他弹唱的腔调。 

互联网时代不期而来,手机 APP 成为我们生活的一部分。于是我在想,能不能 开发一个 APP,让所有和我一样的朋友能在 APP 上实现弹唱的愿望?弹唱谷就在这 样的背景下诞生了。一台手机,一个曲谱,不需要设备,不需要懂得乐理,只要喜 欢,任何人都能弹唱。

ISBN: 978-981-49-7709-8 Date of Publication: 2021

With the development of China’s economy and the continuous improvement of people’s material living standards, as a vertical means of transportation, elevator has been integrated into all aspects of our life. However, in recent years, due to the inconsistency of elevator safety specifications and standards, people generally pay attention to elevator installation, despise maintenance and other factors, resulting in continuous elevator accidents. In addition, due to the rapid development of the elevator industry, there is a shortage of elevator manufacturing, marketing, installation and maintenance practitioners in China. In addition, the elevator management, inspection and R & D professionals and the public groups who use elevators urgently need to understand the elevator as a special equipment.
  After nearly 30 years of development, China’s elevator industry has developed from the annual output of more than 2000 sets and the ownership of 10000 sets in the early 1980s to the production and sales of more than 400000 sets and the ownership of more than 2 million sets in 2011. China’s elevator production has exceeded 60% of the global production. In recent years, with the rapid growth of high-rise residential buildings, elevator has become a means of transportation for ordinary people to travel, and the safety of elevator has also become a livelihood problem. At the same time, because of the introduction of many foreign elevator products (including Sino foreign joint venture elevator products), these products are more advanced in the world. However, the current elevator technology in China is relatively backward, which is not normal. Therefore, the research on mechanical engineering and elevator construction technology is of great significance.

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30 年的发展, 已经从 20 世纪 80 年代初二千多台的年产量和 1 万台的保有量, 发展到 2011 40 余万台产销量, 以及超过 200 万台的保有量,我国的电梯产量已经超过了全球产量的 60%。近几年高层住宅的快速增长,电梯已成为寻常百姓出行所依赖的交通工具,电梯的安全问题也成为了民生问题。与此同时。由于我国引入很多国外的电梯产品(包括中外合资的电梯产品),这些产品在国际上都是比较先进的,而我国目前的电梯技术与此相比相对落后,这是不正常的。因此,对机械工程与电梯施工技术研究具有重要意义。

ISBN: 978-981-5006-42-1 Date of Publication: 2021

This book starts with the status of chemical industry in the national economy, the characteristics and risk analysis of chemical production, and the prevention and control theory of chemical machinery and equipment maintenance and safety. For the chemical equipment itself, it must meet the special conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, high vacuum, ultra-low pressure, inflammable, explosive and strong corrosivity often encountered in the chemical production process, as well as the requirements of modern chemical production scale. This requires daily training and education for managers and operators in the chemical industry in the use process and precautions of work, as well as the maintenance and maintenance technology of daily safety fire equipment.

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ISBN: 978-981-5006-55-1 Date of Publication: 2021

As the foundation and pillar industry of national economy, chemical industry plays an extremely important role in national economy. In today’s world, chemical products are involved in all aspects of national economy, national defense construction, resource development and human clothing, food, housing and transportation, and play a very important role in solving the major problems of population, resources, energy and environmental sustainable development faced by human society. Chemical industry is the assistant of industrial revolution, the pillar of agricultural development, the weapon of national defense construction, the tool of conquering diseases and the means of improving life. The process of chemical production is complex, and the operation requirements are very strict. Generally, it is carried out under high temperature and high pressure, and most materials are flammable, explosive, toxic, harmful and corrosive, which greatly increases the possibility of accidents and the severity of accident consequences. Compared with other industries, the chemical industry itself is faced with such important problems as safety and environmental pollution. As the future chemical and related industry practitioners and personnel directly related to the chemical industry production, it is particularly important to understand the basic problems of chemical safety, master the basic knowledge of chemical safety, and establish the awareness of chemical safety production.
  Chemical engineering is an important branch of engineering. Chemical engineering ethics should be constructed under the theoretical framework of the original engineering ethics and combined with chemical engineering theory. Through technical understanding of hazards and standardized operation, possible hazards are prevented and controlled. At the same time, any project is also a kind of social practice, so it should not exist independently from the society. Of course, it should also be constrained by social ethics. Through the management, the rights and obligations of different roles are clarified in combination with the specific situation in China, and the corresponding ethical norms of chemical engineering are formulated. In the construction of chemical engineering ethics, technology and management complement each other. We should realize that the research on the ethics of chemical engineering is not perfect at present. More efforts are needed to establish a relatively complete framework and mature theory.

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化学工业作为国民经济的基础和支柱产业,在国民经济中占有极其重要的地位。当今世界,化工产品涉及国民经济、国防建设、资源开发和人类衣食住行的各个方面, 对解决人类社会所面临的人口、 资源能源和环境的可持续发展等重大问题,起到了十分重要的作用。化工是工业革命的助手、农业发展的支柱、国防建设的利器、战胜疾病的工具、改善生活的手段。化工生产过程工艺复杂,操作要求十分严格,一般都是在高温、高压下进行,并且大多数物料具有易燃、易爆、有毒、有害和腐蚀性强等特点,这极大地增加了事故发生的可能性和事故后果的严重程度。与其他工业相比,化学工业本身面临着不可忽视的安全与环境污染等重要问题。作为未来化工及相关行业的从业者和与化学工业生产直接相关的人员,了解化工安全基本问题,掌握化工安全基础知识,树立化工安全生产意识,显得尤为重要。

ISBN: 978-981-5006-26-1 Date of Publication: 2021