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Mechanical Engineering and Elevator Construction Technology
ISBN: 978-981-5006-42-1     Date of Publication: 2021


With the development of China’s economy and the continuous improvement of people’s material living standards, as a vertical means of transportation, elevator has been integrated into all aspects of our life. However, in recent years, due to the inconsistency of elevator safety specifications and standards, people generally pay attention to elevator installation, despise maintenance and other factors, resulting in continuous elevator accidents. In addition, due to the rapid development of the elevator industry, there is a shortage of elevator manufacturing, marketing, installation and maintenance practitioners in China. In addition, the elevator management, inspection and R & D professionals and the public groups who use elevators urgently need to understand the elevator as a special equipment.
  After nearly 30 years of development, China’s elevator industry has developed from the annual output of more than 2000 sets and the ownership of 10000 sets in the early 1980s to the production and sales of more than 400000 sets and the ownership of more than 2 million sets in 2011. China’s elevator production has exceeded 60% of the global production. In recent years, with the rapid growth of high-rise residential buildings, elevator has become a means of transportation for ordinary people to travel, and the safety of elevator has also become a livelihood problem. At the same time, because of the introduction of many foreign elevator products (including Sino foreign joint venture elevator products), these products are more advanced in the world. However, the current elevator technology in China is relatively backward, which is not normal. Therefore, the research on mechanical engineering and elevator construction technology is of great significance.

前 言

30 年的发展, 已经从 20 世纪 80 年代初二千多台的年产量和 1 万台的保有量, 发展到 2011 40 余万台产销量, 以及超过 200 万台的保有量,我国的电梯产量已经超过了全球产量的 60%。近几年高层住宅的快速增长,电梯已成为寻常百姓出行所依赖的交通工具,电梯的安全问题也成为了民生问题。与此同时。由于我国引入很多国外的电梯产品(包括中外合资的电梯产品),这些产品在国际上都是比较先进的,而我国目前的电梯技术与此相比相对落后,这是不正常的。因此,对机械工程与电梯施工技术研究具有重要意义。


Ye-Feng Wang, male, the Han nationality, engineer, born in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province in January 1983. He graduated from Tianjin University and studied elevator installation and maintenance. Since 2016, he has worked in Huzhou Woma Elevator Engineering Co., Ltd., and was engaged in the front line of elevator installation and construction, undertaking a number of provincial and municipal key projects. He hasparticipated in many national research projects, including the analysis and research of  elevator inspection and detection based on computer technology. As a backbone member, he mainly studies elevator installation and maintenance.

王叶峰,男,汉族, 1983 年 1 月生,浙江湖州人,工程师。毕业于天津大学,研究方向:电梯安装保养方面。 2016 年至今任职于湖州沃玛电梯工程有限公司,从事在电梯安装施工一线,承接多项省市重点项目。多次参与国家级课题研讨,其中基于计算机技术的电梯检验检测的分析研究作为骨干成员, 主要研究电梯安装保养方面。

Chao Wang, male, the Han nationality, bachelor’s degree, born in Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province in July 1974. He graduated from Northeast Electric Power University in the major of thermal energy and power engineering. In 2017, he obtained the qualification certificate of elevator inspector. He participated in the preparation of “Elevator Inspection Operation Instruction” and “Elevator Inspection Original Record and Report” in the system documents of Heihe special equipment inspection institute. He participated in the supervision and regular inspection of Nankai Residence, Wenyuan Shopping Mall, Times Square, Binjiang Huating, Yijiang Garden and other elevators in Nenjiang city to ensure the safe operation of elevators.

王超,男,汉族, 1974 年 7 月生,黑龙江黑河人。大学本科,毕业于东北电力大学,热能与动力工程专业 2017 年考取了电梯检验师资格证书。参与编写黑河市特种设备检验研究所体系文件中《电梯检验作业指导书》和《电梯检验原始记录和报告》。参与嫩江市南开公馆、文苑商场、时代广场、滨江华庭、颐江园等多部电梯的监督检验和定期检验工作,确保电梯安全运行。

Hai-Tao Zhao, male, the Man nationality, bachelor’s degree, born in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province in March 1987. He studied mechanical design and manufacturing and automation. In 2009, he took part in work, and has been engaged in elevator installation, maintenance, debugging work for 11 years. He works in Shenyang Yuanda Intelligent Industry Group Co., Ltd. and is currently the maintenance manager. He has been responsible for the commissioning and maintenance of elevators in Shenyang Metro Line 1, Dalian Metro Line 1 and Line 2, Liaoning section of Beijing Shenyang High Speed Railway. He has won the Company’s Outstanding Employees and Excellent Management Awards and other titles.

赵海涛,男,满族, 1987 年 3 月生,辽宁沈阳人,本科学历,机械设计制造及其自动化专业毕业, 2009 年参加工作,从事电梯安装、维保、调试工作 11 年,就职于沈阳远大智能工业集团股份有限公司,目前担任维保经理,负责过的项目包括:沈阳地铁一号线线,大连地铁一二号线,京沈高铁辽宁段电梯的调试和维保工作,获得过公司优秀员工,优秀管理奖等。