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Study on the Construction and Management of Modern Garden Greening Maintenance Project
ISBN: 978-981-49-5765-6     Date of Publication: 2020


With the development of urban construction, people pay more and more attention to the environment, especially the beautification of the environment. Garden construction has become an important part of urban beautification. Garden not only plays an important role in urban landscape, but also plays an important role in ecology and leisure. More and more attention has been paid to the construction of urban gardens. Many cities have put forward the goal of building international garden cities and ecological garden cities, strengthening the landscape planning of new urban areas and green space transformation of old urban areas, and promoting the vigorous development of landscape industry. Accordingly, the social demand for landscape professionals is also increasing, especially those who know landscape planning and design, landscape engineering construction, but also green space maintenance of high skilled talents become the landscape industry in short supply. In order to meet the needs of the construction and development of various regions and cities for landscape high skilled talents, this book is specially compiled.
    The characteristics of this book are that the content is closely combined with the actual production, the theoretical basis focuses on the content required by the practical skills, and closely coordinates with the practical training projects. At the same time, it also pays attention to the introduction and training of the rapidly developing advanced technology, which has three major characteristics of strong practicability, technicality and operability. The compilation of this book has widely absorbed the opinions and suggestions of relevant experts, teachers and landscape architects. It is based on the cultivation of landscape architecture professionals with comprehensive innovation ability. The contents are carefully selected. The comprehensive and systematic scientific system of relevant knowledge and skills is considered. The theoretical depth of the textbook is appropriate, and the combination of practical experience and achievements is emphasized.

前 言

      本书的特点是内容紧密结合生产实际,理论基础重点突出实际技能所需要的内容, 并与实训项目密切配合, 同时也注重对当今发展迅速的先进技术的介绍和训练,具有较强的实用性、技术性和可操作性三大特点。本书编写广泛吸收了有关专家,教师及风景园林工作者的意见和建议,立足于培养具有综合创新能力的普通本科风景园林专业人才,精心选择内容,既考虑到了相关知识和技能的科学体系的全面系统性,教材理论深度合适,注重对实践经验与成就的结合。


Xiao-Yu Zhu, male, the Han nationality, bachelor’s degree, born in Anyang City, Henan Province in January 1983. He graduated from Henan Agricultural University. He is the engineer of Anyang Triangle Lake Park. At present, he works in Planning and Construction Section of Anyang Landscape Center and is responsible for landscape engineering scheme review, project management, maintenance management, environmental protection and other work. He was awarded the Advanced Individual of environmental protection in Anyang City in 2017. He participated in the formulation of urban green space maintenance standards and the formulation of urban green space maintenance quota in Henan Province on behalf of Anyang landscape industry competent department.

朱晓宇,男,汉族, 1983 年 1 月出生,河南安阳人。毕业于河南农业大学,本科学历,安阳市三角湖公园工程师。现任职于安阳市园林绿化中心规划建设科工作,负责园林绿化工程方案审核、工程管理、养护管理、环保等工作,获得 2017 年安阳市环保先进个人。代表安阳市园林行业主管部门参与编制河南省城市绿地养护标准及河南省城市绿地养护定额的制定。

Lu-Lu Liang, female,the Han nationality, bachelor’s degree, born in Anyang City, Henan Province in April 1985. She graduated from Henan Agricultural University in 2011. At present, she works in Anyang Shi Daolu Lvhua Guanli Zhan and is responsible for the greening production of garden roads, and has participated in the greening projects of Zhongzhou Road, Huanbin South Road and Angang Avenue. She has applied for many patents such as “a kind of garden irrigation device”, “a kind of garden insect killing lamp”, and has written more than ten related professional papers.

梁璐璐,女,汉族,出生于 1985 年 4 月,河南省安阳市人, 2011 年毕业于河南农业大学,本科学历,现任职于安阳市道路绿化管理站,负责园林道路绿化生产工作,曾参与完成中州路绿化提升改造、洹滨南路增花工程、安钢大道景观带提升改造等绿化工程,申请完成《一种园林灌溉装置》、《一种园林灭虫灯》等多项专利,撰写相关专业论文十余篇。

Lei-Lei Hu, male, the Han nationality, bachelor’s degree, born in Linzhou City, Henan Province in July 1982. In 2007, he graduated from Southwest Minzu University. At present, he works as the engineer in Anyang Shi Daolu Lvhua Guanli Zhan and is responsible for the daily supervision and inspection of landscaping. He has participated in the preparation of Anyang Urban Green Space System Planning (Adjustment) (2011-2020) and the scientific research results of “Construction and Application of Chinese Agricultural and Forestry Insect Database based on PHP” completed by Anyang Institute of Technology. He participated in the compilation of Garden Flower Cultivation and Landscape Design and Landscape Planning.

呼雷磊,男,汉族, 1982 年 7 月出生,河南林州人, 2007 年毕业于西南民族大学,本科学历, 现于安阳市道路绿化管理站任工程师, 负责园林绿化日常督导检查工作,曾参与编制安阳市城市绿地系统规划(调整)(2011-2020)。参与由安阳工学院完成的《基于 PHP 的中国农林昆虫数据库构建与应用》科研成果。参与编著《园林花