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Inspection of Building Construction and Quality Supervision
ISBN: 978-981-14-2662-9     Date of Publication: 2019


With the development of China's social economy, the construction industry continues to develop, which effectively enhances the competitive demand in the construction industry market. To gain greater development space, construction companies need to strengthen management to ensure the construction quality of construction projects and expand the construction market share.

The quality of construction engineering is related to the healthy development of the national economy and the safety of people's lives and property. In recent years, with the development of project quality supervision and management, China has established a construction project quality supervision and management system with the main content of implementing quality responsibility of all parties. According to the requirements of the “Management Measures for Quality Inspection of Construction Projects”, the inspection work has been separated from the relevant units. The construction engineering quality inspection agency has become a social intermediary service organization with independent legal persons. This becomes the sixth party responsible for engineering quality responsibility. The accuracy and reliability of the test data directly affects the quality control and acceptance of construction projects, and is related to the quality and safety of construction projects. However, due to the current non-standard testing market, the integrity system is not perfect, the testing institutions are uneven, the detection accuracy is not high, some of the testing data is fraudulent, and the construction engineering quality supervision personnel are difficult to distinguish, leaving hidden dangers to the engineering quality. In recent years, there have been a number of building collapse accidents in China, causing loss of life and property. Strong measures must be taken to strengthen supervision and ensure project quality and safety. The implementation of construction project quality supervision and testing is an important administrative means to improve the national supervision efficiency of construction project quality and standardize market behavior.

This book divides into 12 chapters to carry on the comprehensive detailed analysis and the elaboration to the construction and the quality supervision inspection. It hopes to help the work of the relevant staff.






Feng Chao, Female, born in 1975, Nanyang City, Henan Province, member of Communist Party of China. Her major is civil engineering, and she is a senior engineer, A construction division, associate constructor and registered consulting engineer. After graduating from university in 1996, she has been working in Nanyang Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Station, engaged in engineering final acceptance, and has been rated as an advanced worker every year. Meanwhile, she also helped invent a utility model patent for scaffold fastener, a utility model patent for construction engineering hanging basket, and a national patent for domestic sewage filter material device. In addition, she has published numerous papers on architectural engineering in national and provincial journals. In recent years, she has successfully solved many difficult problems in construction projects.


Zong-Wen Pu, male, the Han nationality, born in December 1980, Huining County, Gansu Province. In 2006, he graduated from Xi’an Shiyou University and now works in the oil and gas Lanzhou Engineering Quality Supervision Station to take charge of industrial and civil engineering quality supervision. He participated in the quality supervision of new construction, renovation and expansion projects of petrochemical plants in Lanzhou Petrochemical Company, Northwest Sales Company, Gansu Sales Company, Guangxi Petrochemical Company, Guangxi Sales Company, Sichuan Petrochemical Company and Qinghai Damei Coal Industry Co., Ltd. His team has been awarded the title of Advanced Unit of Project Quality Management for many times.


Yu Zhao, male, medium-grade professional title. In 2013, he graduated from the academic team of Academician Yang Wantai of Beijing University of Chemical Technology. His research direction is surface modification of materials. Since graduation, he has been working in the national quality and safety supervision and inspection center of industrial structures, a second-level unit of MCC Central Research Institute of Building and Construction. In 2015, he served as deputy director of the chemical building materials laboratory and technical leader in the field of chemical building materials. In 2017, he was responsible for the environmental monitoring business in the environmental testing department. He has participated in third-party testing of major projects such as Beijing-Shenyang Railway, Yanqi Lake Conference Center, Chinatown, City Sub-center, and Winter Olympics, as well as analysis of the causes of the collapse of the national major safety accident of Fengcheng Power Plant.