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Practical Basis of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology and Pediatrics
ISBN: 978-981-17-0514-4     Date of Publication: 2020


With the progress of living standards and medical technology, as well as the extensive publicity of the idea of caring for women and children’s physical and mental health, it has broken the misunderstanding and ignorance of Chinese people in relevant aspects for a long time, overcome the conservative and shy psychological state of patients in the face of their own hidden pain, and the majority of women have an urgent need and desire for knowledge about their own and children’s health.
       At the beginning of this book, the development of obstetrics and pediatrics and the health status of women and children in China are discussed. Then, the etiology and clinical diagnosis and treatment methods of gynecological diseases, pregnancy and childbirth, pediatric basis, pediatric diseases and neonatal diseases are discussed respectively. Finally, the relevant theories of family planning policy adjustment and maternal and child health care are analyzed. Through the combination of scientific theory and clinical practice, this book aims to contribute as much as possible to the development of clinical obstetrics and gynecology and pediatrics in China, and bring hope and well-being of health to women and children, which is also the purpose of this book.
     As this book covers a lot of contents and involves a lot of knowledge, the format, depth and breadth of the contents of each chapter may not be the same, and fallacies are inevitable. Readers are welcome to criticize and correct them.

前 言

       本书开篇论述妇产科学与儿科学的发展以及我国妇女儿童健康状况,后分别论述了妇科疾病、妊娠与分娩、儿科基础、儿科疾病、新生儿疾病的病因与临床诊断治疗的方式方法, 最后分析我国现阶段计划生育政策调整与妇幼保健相关理论。 本书通过科学理论与临床实践相结合的方式,以期尽可能地为我国临床妇产科与儿科学的发展添砖加瓦,为广大妇女儿童带来健康的希望与福祉,这也是我们编写这本书的目的所在。


Jin-Yu Chen, the Han nationality, born in July 1988. She graduated from clinical department of Zhengzhou University with a bachelor’s degree. She has been engaged in the clinical work of gynecology and obstetrics for more than 8 years, with rich clinical experience. She has unique views on the treatment and operation of common gynecological diseases, uterine leiomyoma, cervical cancer and endometrial cancer, and is proficient in various laparoscopic operation skills. She is familiar with the management of each period of pregnancy and parturient and the diagnosis and treatment of related pathological state. She has rich clinical experience in obstetric complications such as gestational diabetes mellitus, pregnancy with hypertension, pregnancy with heart disease, and is familiar with various obstetric clinical operation operations. She has participated in many professional skills competitions in Kaifeng City and achieved excellent results.

陈金玉,汉族, 1988 7 月生,毕业于郑州大学临床系本科。从事妇产科临床工作8 年余,临床经验丰富。对妇科常见病,子宫肌瘤、宫颈癌、子宫内膜癌的治疗及手术有独到见解,熟练掌握腹腔镜下各种手术操作技巧。熟悉孕产妇各个时期的管理及相关病理状态的诊断、处理,对产科合并症如妊娠期糖尿病、妊娠合并高血压、妊娠合并心脏病有丰富的临床经验,熟悉产科各种临床手术操作。曾多次参加开封市专业技能比赛并取得优异成绩。

Jin-Ping Chen, the Han nationality, nurse practitioner, born in Kaifeng City, Henan Province in December 1985. She graduated from Xinxiang Nursing College, and she serves as the leader of the Department of gynecology and pediatrics in the 988 Hospital of the PLA. She has been engaged in the nursing work of gynecology and pediatrics for more than 10 years, and is proficient in all kinds of clinical nursing work in gynecology and pediatrics. In 2015, she participated in the training of Family Planning Branch of Chinese Medical Association and obtained the certificate of consultant. In 2010, she was rated as the Excellent Nurse for her outstanding work, and in 2017, she was rated as the Advanced Worker. In 2018, she obtained the certificate of Maternal and Infant Health Care. She assisted doctors to carry out outpatient operations such as hysteroscopic guide wire, myoma ablation, endometrial ablation and adnexal cyst intervention,etc.

陈金萍,汉族, 1985 年 12 月生,出生于河南省开封市,护师,毕业于新乡护理学院,任解放军第九八八医院妇儿科教学组长。从事妇儿科护理工作 10 余年,熟练掌握妇儿科临床各项护理工作, 2015 年参加中华医学会计划生育分会培训并取得咨询员证书。 2010 年因工作突出被评为优秀护士, 2017 年被评为先进工作者。 2018 年取得母婴保健证书,协助医师熟练开展门诊手术如宫腔镜下导丝、肌瘤消融术、内膜消融术和附件囊肿介入术等各项手术。

Ning Wang, she graduated from Zhengzhou University, and she is a graduate student in clinical department of Xinxiang Medical College. She has been engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of clinical diseases in pediatrics and gynecology for a long time, with rich clinical experience. She is good at radiofrequency ablation for hysteromyoma, ultrasound intervention for ovarian tumor, hysteroscopy in gynecological tumor and infertility. She has published three international academic papers and more than 10 domestic core journals. She participated in one military project and two projects of former Jinan military region. She won the third prize of Military Science and Technology Progress and applied for three national utility model patents.

王宁,毕业于郑州大学,就读于新乡医学院临床系研究生。长期从事妇儿科临床疾病的诊断与治疗,临床经验十分丰富。擅长射频消融术治疗子宫肌瘤、超声介入治疗卵巢肿瘤、 宫腔镜技术在妇科肿瘤和不孕不育中的应用。 发表国际学术论文三篇、国内核心期刊十数篇,参研军队全军课题一项,原济南军区课题两项,获得军队科技进步三等奖一项,申请国家实用新型专利三项。