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Construction Quality and Inspection of construction Engineering
ISBN: 978-981-14-6137-8     Date of Publication: 2020


As a special commodity, the quality of construction products has always been concerned by people. With the development of the society and the progress of the times, people’s demand and expectation for the construction engineering are higher and higher. Therefore, the State formulates and modifies and improves the current codes, regulations and application standards from design to construction, building materials, project quality supervision and supervision, and various local and industry also formulates corresponding codes and specifications, which provides a reliable guarantee for standardizing construction market behavior and controlling project quality. 

Construction quality and inspection is a very important work in project management, is the lifeline of construction enterprises, and is related to the survival and development of enterprises. This book fully responds to the call of “high quality development” of the country, adheres to the compilation principle of “clear goal, appropriate system, innovative content, concise and comprehensive”, and is compiled by organizing in-depth study and understanding of current specifications, procedures and standards on the basis of earnestly summarizing many years of engineering practice experience.

This book follows the development of the times, and it is close to the engineering practice. It strives to be fully based and concise. It summarizes problems in concise and popular language, and tries to avoid blindly piling up theoretical articles and simply quoting normative items. This book is written in combination with the standards, quality and safety analysis and prevention and control measures are carried out around the relevant standards; combined with the reform and development trend of the engineering construction industry, it enables readers to understand the new trend, new technology and new requirements of the quality and safety management of construction projects, and constantly broaden their knowledge.

In the process of compiling this book, we have referred to a large number of documents, and hereby we sincerely thank the relevant authors. The references are listed at the end of the book. Due to the limited level of editors and the rush of time, there are inevitably omissions and irregularities in the book. Readers are welcome to criticize and correct them.

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Yong-Bin Zhang, male, the Han nationality, engineer, born in Luanxian County, Hebei Province in 1983. He graduated from Zhengzhou University with a bachelor’s degree in the major of civil engineering. Now he works in Pingmei Shenma Jiangong Group, mainly engaged in project management. He has presided over or participated in the construction management of many industrial construction, municipal engineering, civil engineering and other projects.

张永斌,男,汉族,1983 年生,河北省滦县人。毕业于郑州大学土木工程专业,学士学位,现于平煤神马建工集团有限公司工作,工程师,主要从事工程项目管理工作。曾主持或参与了多项工业建筑、市政工程、民用工程等项目的施工管理。

Hai-Sheng Yan, male, the Han nationality, engineer, national associate constructor, born in Luoshanxian, Henan Province in 1983. He graduated from Hebei University of Engineering with a bachelor’s degree in the major of water supply and drainage. Now he works in the department of construction engineering of Pingmei Shenma Jiangong Group, mainly engaged in construction site project management. He has presided over or participated in many industrial projects and civil engineering project management.

闫海生,男,民族,汉,1983 年生,河南罗山县人,毕业于河北工程大学给排水专业,本科,工学学士,现于平煤神马建工集团有限公司土建处工作,工程师,国家二级建造师。主要从事施工现场项目管理工作。曾主持或参与了多项工业项目,民用工程的项目管理工作。

Jun-Jie Wu, male, the Han nationality, bachelor’s degree of engineering, mechanical manufacturing engineer, constructor of mechanical and electrical engineering, born in Huaxian County, Henan Province in October 1984. He graduated from Anyang Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in the major of mechanical engineering and

automation. In June 2006, he joined the Communist Party of China, and he began to work in July 2008. Now he is the deputy general manager of Hebi Tianhong Steel Structure Co.,Ltd., mainly engaged in the production, processing and construction site project management and technical work of steel structures in civil buildings, power devices, bridges, grid structures and industrial plants.

吴俊杰,男,汉族,河南省滑县人。198410 月生,2008 7 月参加工作,本科学历,工学学士,2008 7 月毕业于安阳工学院机械设计制造及其自动化专业,20066 月加入中国共产党,机械制造工程师,机电工程一级建造师,现任鹤壁天宏钢结构有限公司副总经理。主要从事民用建筑、电力装置、桥梁、网架、工业厂房方面钢结构生产加工与施工现场项目管理与技术工作。