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Technology of Animal Husbandry and Breeding Safety
ISBN: 978-981-14-5884-2     Date of Publication: 2020


With the smooth advancement of the construction of a new socialist countryside and the development of modern animal husbandry, livestock and poultry farming has not only gradually embarked on the road of scale, standardization and industrialization, but also has become one of the important pillar industries that increase farmers’ income. However, some problems still restrict the development of animal husbandry to a certain extent, such as unfavorable increase in the penetration rate of good breeds in livestock and poultry production, poor popularization rate of scientific breeding methods, and the insufficient implementation of disease control systems. Therefore, based on many years of production and teaching practical experience, from the practical, practical and effective point of view, in the sf serving the countryside, farmers andpirit o agriculture, the author has compiled “Technology of Animal Husbandry and Breeding Safety”.

In the preparation of this book, new production technologies in this field have been absorbed and adopted, especially in accordance with the actual production process of livestock and poultry breeding and with reference to relevant national vocational qualification standards, the learning content has been restructured and the learning sequence has been reorganized in order to make learning content and the learning process more close to the actual production, so as to cultivate the ability of learners to scientifically organize livestock production and solve practical problems in production.

The writing of the series fully considers the learner’s knowledge background, learning habits, and cognitive ability. The explanation of theoretical knowledge is concise and easy to explain. The skill training is based on the main task of breeding and production. It is close to production and targeted. It has strong practicality, scientificity and advancedness.

This book emphasizes the people-oriented concept and follows the principle of replacing the standard theory teaching mode with flexible and changeable training forms, which is characterized by the combination of theory and practice. It covers a wide range of contents, allowing learners to master as much useful information as possible with limited energy and time. Based on the present and the future; this book strives to be easy to understand. The author sincerely hopes that this book will become a good teacher and friend for learners to seek a skill, improve their skills, understand the development of the agricultural industry.

This book can provide production guidance for animal husbandry and veterinary technicians of various scale breeding farms, and a large number of breeding professional farmers. It can also be used as a teaching book for vocational education of animal husbandry and veterinary majors, as well as professional training materials for professional farmers and college student village officials.

The compilation of this book has been enthusiastically guided and assisted by the production line technical experts of many production enterprises, and I would like to express my thanks here.

Due to the limited level and ability of the author, the shortcomings are inevitable. Suggestions for improvement will be gratefully received.










Xian-Ming Feng, male, the Han nationality, a bachelor’s degree, born in Linzhou City of Henan Province in November 1972. He is a senior veterinarian and excellent science and technology commissioner of Henan province. He is now the Director of Animal Disease Prevention and Control Center of Linzhou City. In 2014, he won the first place in Henan Province Animal Epidemic Prevention Vocational Skill Competition, and was awarded the honorary title of “Henan Province Animal Epidemic Prevention Technological Model”. In the same year, he represented Henan Province in the national competition and won the third prize of “China Skills Competition - National Animal Epidemic Prevention Vocational Skill Competition”. In 2015, he was awarded the honorary title of “May 1st Labor Medal” by Henan Federation of Trade Unions. In 2018, he represented Henan Province in the “China Skills Competition-National Agricultural Industry Vocational Skills Contest (Animal Breeder Contest)” and won the title of “Outstanding Contestant”. In recent years, he has published more than 20 papers and 2 monographs, edited more than 10 training materials; meanwhile, he won 4 national patents, 5 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological achievements, and 2 municipal and departmental scientific and technological achievements.


Chao-Liang Li, the Han nationality, bachelor’s degree, senior veterinarian, born in Linzhou City of Henan Prrovince in March 1983. He is currently the Head of Animal Husbandry And Veterinary Management Station in Guilin Town, Linzhou City. He has solid theoretical knowledge and long-term practical experience in animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, and is good at animal disease diagnosis and animal feeding management. During his work period, he wrote 5 scientific and technological papers, obtained 4 scientific and technological achievements, 3 practical patents, and published 1 book. Also, he participated in the formulation of one local standard and the preparation of 4 training materials. During this period, he was awarded the titles of “advanced worker” and “Technical Expert in Animal Disease Prevention And Control" for many times.