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Modern Education and Teaching Management
ISBN: 978-981-14-5519-3     Date of Publication: 2020


With the continuous development of social history and the continuous progress of science and technology, people have paid more and more attention to the role of education, and have higher and higher expectations of education. Education should serve not only social and economic development and technological progress, but also social reform and cultural development. This is the complete connotation that education serves the socialist modernization construction. The National Medium- and Long-Term Educational Reform and Development Program (2010-2020) clearly states that the focus of future education reform and development is to promote education equity and improve education quality. In modern economic construction, people have have the view of “30% technology, 70% management”, and put forward the slogans “to scientific management for quality” and “to scientific operation and management for efficiency”, which shows the importance of management. The same goes for teaching management. Teaching management is the core work of a school, which directly affects the quality of school education and teaching, and plays a vital role in the long-term development of the school. Facing the requirements of the entire society for the educational process and results, and for the professional quality of teachers, teaching managers must pay attention to how to adapt to the new changes in the new situation of education, how school managers will adapt to the reform and development of education, and how to make adjustments.

Informatization has become the overall cause of China’s current education field; and it seems to be the contemporary form of China’s education modernization. The field of educational technology has always been at the forefront of educational informatization. Therefore, it is necessary for educational technologists to discuss the modernity problem of education from the perspective of their own practice and research; and then we may learn our understanding of educational informationization.

This book provides a basic and comprehensive introduction to modern education and teaching management from the content of eight chapters. It is hoped that it can provide reference for relevant staff.







Guo-Jian Liu, male, the Han nationality, a bachelors degree, born in Dezhou city of Shandong province in August 1979. He has a professional title of first-level teacher of middle school. He graduated from Liaocheng University. He is currently working at the Middle School of Taitousi Town, Economic Development Zone, Dezhou. His main research interest is the current application status and future development trend of teaching practice of rural Chinese and history education. He has successively won the honorary title of outstanding teacher of Economic Development Zone of Dezhou, the first prize of teacher basic skills competition, the second prize of high-quality class, and excellent course award of Shandong province. His papers entitled “Role of Information Education in Chinese Teaching” and Chinese Teaching under Quality Education and New Curriculum Reform won the municipal first and second prizes. And he had published a paper entitled “Integrate into group learning -- let the standard teaching in class shine” in Education and Teaching Research.


Ren-Shun Lv, male, the Han nationality, teacher, a bachelor’s degree, born in Jinan city of Shandong province in May 1980. He graduated from Shandong Normal University in 2003 and worked at the Second Middle School of Licheng, Jinan. He is the first-level football referee of Jinan, the second-level track and field referee of Jinan. He has repeatedly won the honorary titles of teaching expert in Jinan and key teacher. As a sports and health teacher, he is serious, has a strong sense of responsibility, respects and trusts students, gives full play to students’ main role, make students masters of the classroom, creates a relaxed and lively classroom atmosphere, and displays the infinite charm of the classroom, which is deeply loved by students.